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Aprilaire 700 Fan Powered Humidifier 18 GPD with Automatic Digital Humidistat

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Are you suffering from dryness in your home? Tired of touching anything metal in fear of being shocked by static electricity? The Aprilaire 700 fan powered automatic humidifier is just what you need, covering up to 4,200 square feet!

Technical Specs

  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • Genuine OEM Product: Yes
  • Type: Power Humidifier
  • Control Type: Automatic
  • Coverage: Up to 4,200 sq. ft.
  • Water Panel: Aprilaire #35
  • Evaporative Rate: .75 Gallons Per Hour
  • Electrical: 24V
  • Product Measurements: 15.9" W x 18" H x 10.34" D
  • Plenum Opening: 14.75" W x 14.31" H
  • Includes: 24V VAC Transformer, Automatic Digital Humidistat, Remote Temperature Sensor, Saddle Valve, 1 Aprilaire #35 Water Panel

This product comes with a 5 year warranty from the date of installation.

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Since 1954, when Aprilaire introduced the first whole-home humidifier,  they have been the industry leader in ducted whole house humidification.  The Aprilaire 700 fan powered automatic humidifier has led the charge in home comfort. 


With an 18 gallon per day output, the Aprilaire 700 can humidify a home up to 4,200 square feet.  This unit mounts directly to the duct of your heating and cooling system, allowing the humidity to be placed into the airflow and distributed evenly throughout the home. The 700 humidifier hooks up to a water line so you do not need to worry about filling it multiple times a day. With a built in fan the humidifier pulls warm air directly from the furnace, increasing its effectiveness.


Benefits of Evaporative Humidification

  • Prevents Flu and Allergies
  • Neutralizes Static Electricity
  • Reduces Pet Dander and Discomfort
  • Protects Fine Furniture and Wood Floors
  • Relieves Dry Skin & Scratchy Throats
  • Reduces Heating Costs


The 76 automatic controller that comes standard with the Aprilaire 700 humidifier mounts directly to the ductwork of your heating and cooling system to accurately read and deliver the appropriate amount of humidity.  Equipped with notification lights, you are alerted if your humidifier is not working properly (red), needs a new #35 water panel (yellow), or is working properly (green). Sensing the outdoor temperature and the indoor humidity level, the automatic humidistat will call for the ideal amount of indoor humidification to ensure you and your family are as comfortable as possible.



The 700 humidifier by Aprilaire requires a plenum opening of 14 3/4" by 14 5/16".  For electrical reference, this unit operates on 120 Volts at 60Hz with a .8 AMP requirement.  Due to the nature of evaporative humidification this unit can be installed on either the supply or return duct of the heating and cooling system. If the Aprilaire humidifier is being installed on a heat pump system it is best to hook the unit up to a hot water line.


Using a genuine Aprilaire #35 water panel is highly suggested.  This water panel was designed specifically for the Aprilaire 700 humidifier and provides the most comfortable and efficient output. Don't trust the aftermarket products to provide the same quality and overall experience as the genuine #35 water panel.


Aprilaire recommends a #4750 maintenance kit be used each humidification season to ensure that your 700 humidifier is operating optimally.

If you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to email Support@HVAC.com or call 1-855-932-4822 and one of our friendly Customer Experience Representatives will be more than happy to help.


  • Manual Mode Resistor
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to Read Automatic Digital Control
  • Ability To Install On Supply or Return Duct
  • Delivers up to 50% more moisture in comparison to other competitive units
  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor Informing Your System of the Most Accurate Humidity Level
  • Automatic Alerts Reminding You to Change the Water Panel Making Maintenance Easy and Worry Free