Our Mission: To transform the lives of HVAC contractors by improving their productivity and profitability, as we transform the lives of orphans and widows around the world.

Core Values: Integrity | Courage | Innovation | Execution

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I’m Will Housh, Founder & CEO of HVAC.com. We come from a three-generation family business. My Grandpa started a local heating & cooling company out of his garage back in 1954 and in 2006 I decided to take the business to the internet. That’s when I formed the company now known as HVAC.com. From humble beginnings, we have quickly grown into the leading online heating and air conditioning website, offering a huge library of answers and advice on HVAC topics and connecting consumers with trustworthy local contractors from our nationwide network. We are a company built on integrity – our customers are first in all situations. Why? Because we care. We’re here to help you in any way we can.