Goodman HVAC Manuals: Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Parts & More

No matter the time of year, an HVAC system breakdown may occur unexpectedly. Replacement parts may be required to perform a repair – it is important that you use genuine replacement parts made by the air conditioner or heater’s original manufacturer.

For Goodman air conditioning systems, manuals detailing all Goodman air conditioner parts are available to assist when making repairs. The following Goodman air conditioning manuals are available on

Goodman Air Conditioner Owner’s Manuals

GOODMAN DSXC16 Owner Manual
GOODMAN DSXC18 Owner Manual
GOODMAN GSC13 Owner Manual
GOODMAN GSX13 Owner Manual
GOODMAN GSX16 Owner Manual

Goodman Air Conditioner Parts Manuals

GOODMAN DSXC16 Parts Manual
GOODMAN DSXC18 Parts Manual
GOODMAN GSC13 Parts Manual
GOODMAN GSX13 Parts Manual
GOODMAN GSX16 Parts Manual

Goodman Air Conditioner Specification Manuals

GOODMAN DSXC16 Specification Manual
GOODMAN DSXC18 Specification Manual
GOODMAN GSC13 Specification Manual
GOODMAN GSX13 Specification Manual
GOODMAN GSX16 Specification Manual

Goodman Air Conditioner Installation Manuals

GOODMAN Air Conditioner DSXC16 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Air Conditioner DSXC18 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Air Conditioner GSC13 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Air Conditioner GSX13 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Air Conditioner GSX16 Installation Manual

Goodman Packaged Air Conditioner Installation Manuals

GOODMAN GPC13H Installation Manual
GOODMAN GPC13M Installation Manual
GOODMAN GPC14H Installation Manual
GOODMAN GPC15M Installation Manual

Goodman Packaged Air Conditioner Parts Manuals

GOODMAN GPC13H Parts Manual
GOODMAN GPC13M Parts Manual
GOODMAN GPC14H Parts Manual
GOODMAN GPC15M Parts Manual

Goodman Packaged Air Conditioner Specification Manual

GOODMAN GPC13M Specification Manual
GOODMAN GPC14H Specification Manual
GOODMAN GPC15M Specification Manual

Goodman Packaged Air Conditioners Owner’s Manuals

GOODMAN GPC13H Owner Manual
GOODMAN GPC13M Owner Manual
GOODMAN GPC14H Owner Manual

For Goodman heat pumps, has a variety of manuals available for download – including:

Goodman Heat Pump Owner’s Manuals

GOODMAN DSZC16 Owner Manual
GOODMAN DSZC18 Owner Manual
GOODMAN GSH13 Owner Manual
GOODMAN GSZ13 Owner Manual
GOODMAN SSZ14 Owner Manual
GOODMAN SSZ16 Owner Manual

Goodman Heat Pump Specification Manuals

GOODMAN DSZC16 Specification Manual
GOODMAN DSZC18 Specification Manual
GOODMAN GSH13 Specification Manual
GOODMAN GSZ13 Specification Manual
GOODMAN SSZ14 Specification Manual
GOODMAN SSZ16 Specification Manual

Goodman Packaged Heat Pump Parts Manuals

GOODMAN DSZC16 Parts Manual
GOODMAN DSZC18 Parts Manual
GOODMAN GSH13 Parts Manual
GOODMAN GSZ13 Parts Manual
GOODMAN SSZ14 Parts Manual
GOODMAN SSZ16 Parts Manual

Goodman Packaged Heat Pump Specification Manuals

GOODMAN GPH14H Specification Manual
GOODMAN GPH15M Specification Manual

Goodman Packaged Heat Pumps Owner’s Manuals

GOODMAN GPH13H Owner Manual
GOODMAN GPH13M Owner Manual
GOODMAN GPH14H Owner Manual
GOODMAN GPH15M Owner Manual

Why You Should Use Genuine OEM Goodman Parts

Whenever an air conditioning or heating system requires repair, it is important that only genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts be used – follow this rule with Goodman HVAC parts, too.

Why are genuine Goodman HVAC parts necessary? Using OEM replacement parts is important for many reasons:

  • Genuine Goodman HVAC parts protect your system’s warranty. If your air conditioner or heat pump needs a warranty repair, OEM parts must be used or else your warranty could be voided.
  • OEM components are the best choice – they are built by the original manufacturer for the exact specifications of the system they are built for. While an aftermarket component may be advertised as an exact replacement, but that’s not always the truth. The minute differences between OEM and aftermarket parts can really impact performance and efficiency of the system. They may require retrofitting to perform properly, extending the work and expense needed to perform an air conditioner repair.
  • OEM parts guarantee performance. When you replace components with genuine Goodman HVAC parts, rest assured that your heating or cooling system will perform to the efficiency levels you expect. Performance cannot be guaranteed when aftermarket replacement parts are used.

Goodman HVAC Parts Manuals on

Need information on Goodman HVAC parts? is your source for Goodman product manuals, including those pertaining to Goodman heating and cooling system parts. Replacement parts manuals will tell you exactly what part numbers correspond with each component, making your repair job easier.

If you have questions about obtaining genuine OEM Goodman air conditioner parts, contact the pros at Our team of knowledgeable air conditioning experts are available to assist you by phone, chat, or email.

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