Haier is one of the biggest names in air conditioning. The global powerhouse is the world’s biggest manufacturer of major appliances, offering a unit to suit every client’s needs.

Are you thinking about buying a Haier air conditioner? Our guide outlines 10 top choices, rates their energy efficiency, and weighs each model’s pros and cons. Read on to learn all the information you need to select the right Haier air conditioner.

Types of Haier air conditioners

Haier offers several different types of air conditioners, including portable, window-mounted, and dehumidifying units. Read on to learn more about 10 top Haier models.

Best Haier models


The Energy Star 230 is Haier’s flagship window-mounted air conditioner. The unit sits in an open window space, cooling the air inside and expelling hot air through a condenser.

Easy installation. One touch filter change. Controllable from your smartphone.
Energy Star qualified. Combined efficiency rating of 10.3. Fueled by R-410-A non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Estimated yearly energy cost: $221. Is Haier’s highest retail price window-mounted A/C.


Haier ENERGY STAR 115 Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner is similar to the 230, but with a lower power output and energy rating. It has some similar features, but also some key differences and is better suited to smaller rooms.

EZ mount installation kit. Electronic thermostat with remote control. Also controllable from your smartphone.
Energy Star qualified. Combined energy efficiency rating of 11.8.
Estimated yearly energy cost of $125.

Serenity Window Air conditioner

The Haier Serenity Window Air Conditioner is Haier’s quietest unit. Its design offers maximum comfort and ease of use. Does not cool air as quickly as other Haier window units and is more expensive than other similar strength air conditioners.

One of the quietest models available at 43 decibels. Clean filter reminder. Dehumidify and energy saver modes.
Combined energy efficiency ratio (CEER) of 12.1. Cooling wattage 490. Cooling amps AHAM: 4.4.
Estimated yearly energy cost $49.

Portable Air Conditioner & Heat – Dual Hose

The Haier Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner can also act as a dehumidifier. The unit offers portability and can complement larger air conditioning systems. Its dehumidify mode can reduce mugginess without running the A/C.

Washable filter. Doesn’t overheat like some other portable units. 24 hr on/off timer.
Cooling amps AHAM 11.4. Cooling watts 1260. Heating amps 11.4. Heating electric input watts 1260
Not self-draining. No temperature display on remote. Exhaust hose can be tricky to mount.

Portable Heat/Cool A/C with remote

The Haier Portable Heat/Cool AC is an affordable, portable air conditioner with most features common in more expensive units.

Lightweight. Auto-evaporation function. Programmable on/off timer. Three fan speeds.
Heating/Cooling watts 1050. Heating/Cooling amps 9.4
Short power cable at only 6 feet. Noisy when on highest setting. Vents angle upward instead of forward.

Flexfit Single Zone Ductless Air Conditioner

Haier Flexfit and Flexfit Pro are ductless mini-split systems with a variety of single-zone and multi-zone indoor units, making them configurable to suit individual needs. 3D airflow delivers air evenly throughout the room. Self regulates between heating and cool to maintain temperature. 10-year warranty.

Suitable for residential or light commercial application. Individual zone control. Heating at -4F and cooling at 115F. Wall-mount units controllable via app. Turbo and quiet modes work quickly or quietly.
208-230 V powered. Wall mount indoor/outdoor HSPF from 9.0-18.0 depending on model. Slim duct indoor/outdoor from 8.2-16.0. High static indoor/outdoor 10.0-17.0. Compact cassette 9.0-16.0. Large cassette 10.0-17.0
Must be professionally installed by certified HVAC contractor. Professional cleaning and consultation recommended.

Arctic Series

The Haier Arctic Series is ideal for controlling the temperature of a single zone in your house, providing year-round comfort. The series operates at temperatures of -22F-115F. The series includes three different-sized models.

High efficiency. Sleep mode maintains temperate through the night. Child lock prevents accidental use. Up to 60 feet of airflow.
SEER: 09EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 28 12EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 25 18EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 20Heating Rated Power Input (Watts) 09EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 900 W 12EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 1,345 W 18EH Indoor and outdoor systems: 1,640 W
WiFi adapter is sold separately. The design is an acquired taste.

Tempo Series

The Haier Tempo Series is an entry-level, budget-friendly option for single-room cooling and heating. It is best suited for milder climates.

Connects to 115V power, so no additional wiring is needed. Can be controlled by smartphone. Quiet mode minimizes noise output.
SEER: 16 Type of fuel: R-410-A – Non-ozone depleting refrigerant How it connects to the home: 09TE and 12TE: 115 V, optional WiFi; 18TE and 24TE: 208V – 230V, optional WiFi
WiFi adapter sold separately. Not suitable for large areas. Sparse feature list.

Haier Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

The Haier Portable Air Conditioner caters to the budget-conscious buyer who wants a quality portable unit.

Full function remote control. 24-hour on/off timer. Dehumidify mode. Auto-restart function. Self-evaporative condensation drain.
Heater Watts: 3.OE-37 Rated Cooling Amps AHAM: 7.8 Type of fuel: R-410-A – Non-ozone depleting refrigerant How it connects to the home: 115V Max
No temperature display on remote control. Window exhaust can be difficult to install. May struggle to cool mid-sized rooms.

Haier Energy Star 115 Volt Room Air Conditioner


The second Haier Energy Star model to make our list, this is a suitably priced, attractive air conditioner with enough functionality to provide relief in any climate. It features the most popular functions from top-of-the-line models without the associated price tag.

One of the best-looking air conditioners on the market. Easy install. Beautiful remote control.
Energy Star qualified. Estimated yearly energy cost, $45. Combined energy efficiency rating: 12.1. Uses R-410-A – Non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Connects to the home: 115.0 V Max.
No heat function. No WiFi connectivity. Cannot be moved to other rooms.

Haier pricing

Haier unit pricing can vary due to installation costs, unit size, and home specifics. The most up-to-date and reliable source of pricing information is your local HVAC professional. However, according to Haier’s website, the 10 models listed above cost between $229-$729 as of November 2019.

Warranty information

Each Haier air conditioner offers a standard warranty, which varies by model. Some units are eligible for a 10-year warranty policy; however, each model offers a standard warranty at minimum. To qualify, you need to register your purchase with Haier within 60 days.

Some countries and various locations may choose to offer an extended warranty separate from the Haier standard warranty. For further details, consult your local Haier dealer.

Haier reviews

To determine which Haier unit is right for you, consult independent reviews on a trusted website, such as HVAC.com.

Frequently asked questions

How much do Haier air conditioners cost?

Haier models typically cost $270-$1,000.

Where can I buy Haier products?

Most major retailers and white goods suppliers stock Haier products. Websites like Amazon.com also sell Haier products. However, online retailers may not offer Haier’s standard warranty.

How long do Haier air conditioners last?

Haier units should last at least 10 years. To extend the life of your unit, perform regular maintenance. If you are unsure of how to service your air conditioner, please consult this straightforward article.