Payne Air Conditioners

Updated October 24, 2021

Payne provides inexpensive air conditioning solutions for those seeking a balance of quality and longevity. A century-old company, Payne provides AC units and a full line of HVAC components.

Payne’s top AC products

Payne offers a diverse selection of high-quality AC components. While each Payne AC unit is suitable for many applications, it’s helpful to understand some basic information to choose the best one. Use the following list to narrow down your choices:

Payne 16 PA16NW

The central air conditioner 16 PA16NW is Payne’s most energy-efficient, earning ENERGY STAR qualified status. Although the unit is a single-stage air conditioner, it provides excellent cooling while saving energy.

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER Rating: up to 17 cooling efficiency. Sound level: as low as 73 decibels.
  • Pros
  • Quiet operation. Durably built with tight wire grille to withstand bad weather and block debris. Intelligently adapts to environmental conditions. Designed to be corrosion-resistant.
  • Cons
  • Does not remove as much moisture from the air as a two-stage AC unit. Uses more electricity than a two-stage model.

This unit is best suited for:

People seeking an affordable cooling solution.

Payne 17 PA17NA

The 17 PA17NA is an ENERGY STAR-qualified central air unit with a two-stage compressor for improved temperature and summer humidity control. The rugged exterior features a tight wire grill to help protect it from weather damage

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER Rating: up to 17 SEER cooling efficiency. Sound level: as low as 73 decibels.
  • Pros
  • High-efficiency, two-stage scroll compressor system. Galvanized steel cabinet that includes a weather-protective paint for durability. Saves energy by running at only 25% capacity. Non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant.
  • Cons
  • Costs more than a single-stage air conditioner unit.

This unit is best suited for:

People who live in a humid area and need a unit that provides moisture removal.

Payne 14 PA14NC

Featuring a single-stage compressor operation, the 14 PA14NC is a durably built central air unit that can withstand bad weather and debris. This model resists corrosion thanks to its baked-on powder coating covering a frame of galvanized steel.

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER Rating: up to 14 SEER cooling efficiency. Sound level: as low as 75 decibels.
  • Pros
  • Efficient, single-stage scroll compressor. System-protecting filter drier. Durable, protective inlet grille panels allow for easy coil cleaning.
  • Cons
  • Always operates at 100% capacity because it is a single-stage compressor.

This unit is best suited for:

People in areas where the air temperature does not fluctuate drastically.

Payne 16 PA16NA

Payne’s 16 PA16NA has a single-stage scroll compressor and cools with a SEER rating of 17. It is ENERGY STAR qualified and limits sound output to 76 decibels. It is built for durability with a corrosion-resistant cabinet made from galvanized steel covered by weather-resistant paint.

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER rating 17. 76 decibel operation.
  • Pros
  • Relatively high SEER rating of 17. Corrosion-resistant.
  • Cons
  • Single-stage performance means it goes 100% every time it runs.

This unit is best suited for:

People who want to save on both upfront and long-term maintenance costs.

Payne 14 PA15NC

The 14 PA15NC is a durable unit that features a single-stage scroll compressor and resists corrosion and debris. The system is protected with a filter drier and produces 1.5 to five tons of cooling power.

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER Rating: up to 14. Sound level: as low as 75 decibels.
  • Pros
  • Durable exterior. Weather-resistant.
  • Cons
  • Relatively inefficient for a two-stage unit.

This unit is best suited for:

People looking for an inexpensive two-stage unit.

Payne 13 PA13NA

The 13 PA13NA is a basic, yet durable single-stage unit that can affordably keep you cool.

  • Efficiency & Sound
  • SEER Rating: 13. Sound level: as low as 74 decibels.
  • Pros
  • Inexpensive. Durable.
  • Cons
  • May not be eligible for installation in certain areas of the U.S. due to the Department of Energy’s efficiency standards.

This unit is best suited for:

People looking for a budget-friendly cooling solution.

Payne heat pumps

Payne heat pumps run quietly so you can enjoy peaceful comfort at home. Each heat pump is built to last and operate smoothly in every season. Payne offers two-stage and single-stage compressor models depending on air conditioning and heating needs. When used in combination with a compatible gas furnace and thermostat, heat pumps can be part of a dual-fuel system. 

Payne pricing

Pricing varies depending on the chosen unit. Installation costs extra. The higher the efficiency rating, the higher the cost. Units with variable-speed motors, regardless of their efficiency rating, often cost more. Payne central air conditioning may cost an average of $1,500 before installation for a 2.5-ton unit. Installation fees range from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the HVAC technician and type of unit. For the most accurate installation price, contact a local HVAC professional.

Payne warranties

Payne warranties are for the original purchasing owner only and cannot be transferred to subsequent owners. Buyers must promptly register for for the 10-year parts limited warranty. The limited warranty period is five years if not registered within 90 days of installation. Jurisdictions, where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration, will receive the registered limited warranty periods. Please see the warranty certificate for further details and restrictions.

Payne reviews

To learn more about Payne air conditioner products and to read other buyers’ experiences, take some time to browse reviews on

Frequently asked questions

How much do Payne products cost?

Cost varies depending on unit features and the installation expense. For a 2.5 ton unit, enough to cool 1,800 – 2,000 square feet, the average price is $1,500.

Where can I buy Payne products?

You can find a distributor at

How long will a Payne product last?

Payne products typically last 15-20 years.