Top 6 quietest window air conditioners of 2022

A window air conditioner lets you sleep comfortably in the summer. But you don’t want one so noisy it keeps you up all night!

We’ve combined expert reviews and real customer feedback to create a list of the quietest window air conditioners. Our top picks feature something for everyone – whether you want a model with the smartest technology or a budget AC.

Quietest window air conditioners

Quietest overall
quietest window air conditioners
Midea Inverter AC
  • U-shaped design
  • Easy mounting
  • MideaAir app
Most affordable
lg window ac
  • Timer
  • Voice control
  • Thinq app
Most durable
frigidaire window ac
Frigidaire Window AC
  • No-frills features
  • High-quality parts
  • Solid customer service
Most user-friendly
rovsun quietest window air conditioner
  • Powerful output
  • Remote control
  • Standard 115V plug-in
For large rooms
homelabs window ac
hOmeLabs Window AC
  • Low-maintenance
  • Flexible sizing
  • Washable filter
Cooling + heating
koldfront window ac
Koldfront WAC80001W
  • Weatherproof
  • Heat strip
  • Thermostat

How to pick the quietest window air conditioner

Decibels (dB) measure sound intensity. The higher the decibel level, the louder the noise. You can check a window AC’s dB level on its box or online listing.

However, the model with the lowest dB level may not be the quietest window air conditioner. An inefficient or improperly sized model will make more noise.

When selecting the quietest window air conditioner, consider the following factors.


Air conditioners too small for the room they’re cooling tend to be noisy. The fan and compressor overwork themselves to supply the right amount of cool air. This generates a constant loud noise because the unit can never keep up.

To avoid overworking your AC, use the chart below to determine the correct capacity for your room’s size.

Room size (square feet)AC capacity (BTU)

Energy efficiency

Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) signifies the energy efficiency of a window air conditioner.

The rating represents the unit’s energy usage in two scenarios:

  • When it’s cooling your room
  • When it’s not running but is still plugged into a power source

Usually, the quietest window air conditioners have a CEER rating of 10 or higher.

Fan setting

ACs tend to run quieter on lower fan settings. Their blades don’t move as quickly, so they generate less noise.

Setting your fan to low when it’s comfortable to do so can mitigate noise. Avoid using turbo mode if you’re concerned about noise levels.

quietest window air conditioner city

Quietest window air conditioners

The quietest air conditioners balance near-silent operation with standout construction and durability. We haven’t simply chosen the window ACs with the lowest dB levels. We’ve weighed that noise rating along with quality and value to derive our list of the top quietest window air conditioners.

Quietest 8,000 BTU window air conditioners

LG LW8017ERSM Smart Window AC | $269.95

This affordable unit comes from LG, a reputable brand in the window AC space. This model’s compatibility with the Thinq app sets it apart. You can control the temperature, fan speeds, and more from your iOS or Android-powered smartphone.

The LW8017ERSM is compatible with Hey Google and Alexa voice assistants, making this model one of the most convenient on our list. It’s a great option for anyone on the move.

  • Suggested window width: 22-36”
  • Minimum window height: 13”
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Special features: ENERGY STAR certified, WiFi, Thinq app compatibility, 24-hour timer, auto restart, sleep mode, eco mode
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lg window ac
19.6” x 19.4” x 12.4”

Koldfront WAC80001W Window AC | $459.

If your city flip-flops between warm summer days and cool nights, check out this Koldfront. This cooling AC has an added heat strip. The heat strip isn’t powerful enough to warm your room on its own, but you can combine it with another heat source to stay extra toasty at night.

This air conditioner won’t let rainy days get you down. The included weather seals mean you don’t have to buy a wall sleeve to lock this model in place. Its convenience and ease of use explain the Koldfront’s steep price tag. But we think it’s well worth it.

  • Suggested window width: 26.88-36”
  • Minimum window height: 16.5”
  • Weight: 75.4 lbs.
  • Special features: Digital thermostat, check filter light, sleep mode, remote control, 3,500-BTU heat strip, 4-way airflow vents
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koldfront window ac
23” x 22.63” x 16.13”

Quietest 10,000 BTU window air conditioners

Midea U-shaped Smart Inverter Window AC | $409.

The Midea Inverter AC is the quietest air conditioner on our list and arguably the most stylish. If you’re done with eyesore window units, opt for this one.

We love how you can open your window even after installing this model. When the window is closed, the safety lock prevents theft for added peace of mind.

This AC’s U-shaped design keeps noise down and is easy to mount on the included bracket. The MideaAir smartphone app allows you to control the air conditioner on the go. All in all, there’s a whole lot to love about the Midea.

  • Suggested window width: 22-36”
  • Minimum window height: 14”
  • Weight: 56.88 lbs.
  • Special features: ENERGY STAR certified, Wi-Fi, MideaAir app compatibility, U-shaped noise reduction design, safety lock, swing louver, sleep mode, eco mode
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quietest window air conditioners
21.97” x 19.17” x 13.46”

Frigidaire Window AC | $364.99

This Frigidaire option is great for budget-conscious shoppers. It isn’t loaded with bells and whistles like the Midea window air conditioner, but it does the job reliably for a reasonable price.

The three fan speeds and settings like energy-saver and sleep mode come standard. With Frigidaire’s high-quality parts and solid customer service, this option is best if a long-lasting unit is higher on your priority list than standout specs.

  • Suggested window width: 25-36”
  • Minimum window height: 15.5”
  • Weight: 70.3 lbs.
  • Special features: ENERGY STAR certified, 24-hour timer, energy saver mode, sleep mode, low voltage start-up, swing louver
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frigidaire window ac
21” x 19” x 14.5”

Quietest 15,000 BTU window air conditioners

hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner | $599.97

You can easily install this powerful window air conditioner at home. The hOmeLabs window AC comes with a mounting kit, giving you all the necessary materials for DIY installation.

This AC offers low-maintenance cooling at the volume level of a quiet library. We love that it comes with a reusable, washable filter.

With a wide range of compatible window sizes, this one-size-fits-most air conditioner earns a thumbs-up from our Comfort Experts. Note that this hOmeLabs model is for standard, double-hung windows only.

  • Suggested window width: 28-41”
  • Minimum window height: 19”
  • Weight: 105.8 lbs.
  • Special features: ENERGY STAR certified, 24-hour timer, remote control, digital display
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homelabs window ac
23.6” x 25.4” x 17.9”

ROVSUN Window AC | $499.99

This window unit is great for convenience-seekers. Its washable, reusable filter slides out at the press of a button. Plus, this powerful model plugs into your standard 115V outlet – no need to call an electrician or stress about wiring.

This Rovsun AC is also easy to install, with a complete setup kit and manual. Note that, due to its bigger capacity, it’s also on the heavier side. You may need a helper for installation, but the low-maintenance needs of this model make it a great fit for larger rooms.

  • Suggested window width: 28-41”
  • Minimum window height: 19”
  • Weight: 105.8 lbs.
  • Special features: ENERGY STAR certified, eco mode, sleep mode, 3 fan speeds, fan-only mode, auto mode, remote control
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rovsun quietest window air conditioner
23.6″ x 25.4″ x 17.9″

Installing a quiet window air conditioner

Installing a window AC can be a do-it-yourself project. Many models on our list come with the equipment and manuals needed for DIY installation.

Still, each window unit weighs over 50 pounds. If lifting the unit into your window is challenging, hire a pro to help.

According to HomeAdvisor, installing a window AC averages $60-200 across the U.S. If you’re replacing a window AC, the contractor may charge an extra $40-120 to remove the old unit.

Let us connect you with a top local pro and get your air conditioner set up for success.

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What makes an air conditioner noisy?

The quality of the inner parts plays a key role in an air conditioner’s noise levels. Window ACs made with inexpensive parts are more likely to rattle.

Still, quality isn’t everything. A perfectly well-made AC can still be loud if it’s the wrong size for the room it cools.

Following are some factors that make a window air conditioner noisy. The window ACs on our list are built to combat many of the issues below.


The compressor turns refrigerant from gas to liquid form. Compressors come in single, dual, and variable-speed varieties. Single and dual-speed compressors turn on and off frequently and work at higher speeds, generating more noise.


Big air conditioners are naturally louder. The bigger the air conditioner, the more air it pushes out. With high airflow comes loud noise levels.

For example, the 15,000-BTU units on our list are louder than the 8,000-BTU units. This is because the 15,000-BTU unit has to generate more airflow to properly cool the room.


Window air conditioners sometimes bang against the windowsill, creating loud vibrating noises. This happens due to improper installation or sizing.

Before purchasing a window AC, make sure it’s the right size for your window. Measure your window and check the recommended window dimensions before purchasing a window AC.

Make sure your window AC is installed properly – Hire a pro now!