How Do I Take Care of my Outside Air Conditioning Unit?

Care for your outside air conditioning unit by removing debris surrounding it. Do not landscape against the unit or store items in the area immediately around it. Make sure gutters above do not empty onto the unit.

How Do I Take Care of My Outside Air Conditioning Unit?

Outside air conditioning units are built tough and made to withstand the elements they are exposed to throughout the year. Still, there are things you should do as a homeowner to protect your outside air conditioning unit against damage.

  • Keep the exterior of the unit free of debris throughout the year. Periodically, check the unit and remove any buildup of grass clippings, leaves, and other items.
  • Do not allow vegetation to grow up on the unit. Remove any plants growing in the immediate area surrounding your unit.
  • Keep a 2-foot clearance surrounding the unit to allow air to move freely through it. Do not plant shrubs, flowers, or do other landscaping against the unit.
  • If installing fencing around the unit, keep a 2-foot clearance to allow access for service and repairs. Consider using an open design that will not restrict airflow to the unit.
  • Check your gutters and keep them well maintained to prevent water from leaking into the outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Keep trees trimmed and remove dead branches to prevent a falling limb from damaging your outside air conditioning unit in a storm or heavy winds.
  • If your outside air conditioning unit is within a fenced yard, keep gates locked to help deter theft. If your unit is visible on the side of the house, you may consider installing a surround or landscaping to hide the unit – just remember to leave at least 2 feet of space surrounding your outside air conditioner.

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