What Happens if the Air Filters are not Changed when the Indicator Light Comes on?

The indicator light on your air purifier makes you aware that the filter needs changed. When the filter becomes clogged or dirty, it can’t effectively clean your indoor air and will eventually damage your air purifier and your heating and cooling systems.

Indicator Light

The indicator light on an air purifier lets you know when the filter needs to be changed. It will come on when the filter is too contaminated to purify your indoor air. You should pay attention to when this light comes on. Air purifiers can be expensive, and if the filter isn’t working properly, it could damage the inside components.

Problems When the Filter Isn’t Replaced

Air purifiers have one job, and that is to filter your indoor air and purify it before releasing it back into your home. When the filter becomes too dirty or clogged, it can’t properly clean your indoor air. Your air will still be pulled into the purifier but it will just the contaminated air back out without cleaning it. The most common problems that will occur when you don’t change the filter are:

  • Increased allergens, toxins, and other contaminants in your indoor air
  • More viruses and bacteria will lay dormant in your home, causing increased illness in your home
  • Increased allergies, sinus, and asthma issues
  • Higher chance of respiratory infections from bacteria and viruses
  • Musty odors and other smells will become more intense
  • Mold spores won’t be filtered and will float throughout your home
  • Pet dander and pet hair will continue to contaminate the air around you
  • Reduces the indoor air quality inside your home
  • Damage your heating and cooling system

Maintaining Your Air Purifier

The importance of maintaining your air purifier not only keeps your indoor air healthy but helps your heating and cooling system operating efficiently. When dirt, debris, and other contaminants get sucked into your system, the air purifier helps trap and eliminate them before they damage your system’s components. Regular preventative maintenance performed by a licensed technician will inspect your air filter. They will change a dirty air filter before it causes havoc on your HVAC system.

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