• 2017 Heat Pump Pricing – How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost to Install?

    Heat pumps are a widely popular equipment option for residential and commercial heating and cooling. Their high energy efficiency makes them desirable. They’re a top choice for those seeking to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. There are multiple types of heat pump systems. Heat pump pricing varies from one type of system to […]

  • Cheat Sheet: How to Calculate HVAC Square Footage

    When installing new heating and cooling systems, it’s critical that you correctly size the equipment. System size will have a great impact on your clients, from comfort to cost, installation and ongoing. Size them wrong, and you’ll create big problems for your business and your clients. To determine the residential home or commercial building’s heating […]

  • How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost by a Furnace Technician?

    That rattle, squeak, or lack of heat coming from the furnace sends a shiver up the spines of many homeowners – and not just because of the chilly air! Many worry about furnace repair costs, assuming the price tag will be beyond affordable. Wintertime in cold climates makes furnace repairs a necessity. It isn’t advisable […]

  • Furnace Installation & Furnace Replacement FAQs

    Find the answers to all your burning furnace questions here. Furnace Installation FAQs How much does furnace installation cost? Nationally, the average cost of furnace installation is $4,000. Many factors affect cost, including duct installation or repairs. How is equipment size determined for my furnace installation? Your HVAC contractor should perform Manual J to determine […]

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Pump Systems

    There are many ways to heat a home. From furnaces to fireplaces, homeowners have many options – which one is best for your home? Perhaps you’ve heard of a heat pump, but could you tell it apart from a boiler or a furnace? In this Homeowner’s Guide, you’ll learn all about heat pump systems. Discover […]

  • Optimizing HVAC Websites for Contractors

    Websites for contractors are top assets for heating and cooling businesses. For a website to be a true asset, you must optimize it. Without optimization, websites for contractors may be a detriment, giving off an unprofessional image and creating frustration. Overall, optimizing your HVAC website makes your website perform better for your users as well […]

  • 4 New Tools Improving Digital Marketing for HVAC Contractors

    As a heating and cooling contractor, a million things compete for your time and attention. Marketing your business should be a priority, but so often it falls to the wayside. Whether it’s a complicated job claiming your attention, or you aren’t marketing savvy, many contractors aren’t taking advantage of opportunities to expand their companies. Digital […]

  • Is Air Conditioning in Schools Essential for Learning?

    Schools are in session, starting in August and September, or sooner. Some districts do not have air conditioning in schools. This leaves students to sweat through the day. Districts across the U.S. faced these problems at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Schools from Detroit to Los Angeles had heat-related closures. Kindergarteners through college students […]

  • Establishing Human Resources for HVAC Businesses

    Your employees are your HVAC company’s most valuable resource. Your small staff works hard and plays many roles. In a small business, formal HR policies aren’t always created. You may lack the funds to develop an HR department and the staff to manage it. If you overlook HR importance, your company goes without needed guidance. This is […]

  • Homes Benefit from the Insurance HVAC Systems Offer

    Most of us think comfort when we think HVAC, but few think of protection or the insurance HVAC systems offer. Aside from increasing comfort, heating and cooling systems stabilize indoor conditions. Your home is built from certain materials and filled with valuable possessions. If the indoor climate isn’t right, severe damage may occur. These losses add up, […]