• Rheem HVAC and Rheem Air Conditioners for Your Home

    When it comes to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment, there are many great brands to choose from. Rheem HVAC is an industry leader, and produces high-quality air conditioners for homes throughout the country. If you are searching for a new air conditioning system this summer, we encourage you to take a look at […]

  • Whole House Humidifiers vs. Portable Humidifiers

    Many homes and businesses throughout the country depend on humidifiers to keep indoor air healthy and comfortable. Humidifiers keep moisture balanced to protect the home, improve air quality, and keep occupants feeling more comfortable. There are many humidification products on the market, but not all are created equally. The two categories of humidifiers that are […]

  • Use HVAC.com to Find an HVAC Contractor in Virginia

    Virginia, the Old Dominion State, is home to approximately 8.38 million residents. Home and business owners make up the state’s thriving population. They face comfort challenges specific to their residential and commercial environments, as well as those brought about by the state’s mild but humid climate. Use HVAC.com to find an HVAC contractor in Virginia […]

  • Common Heating and Air Conditioning Questions from Homeowners

    Heating and cooling systems are an important aspect of every home – they affect your comfort and energy consumption significantly! Homeowners have many heating and air conditioning questions as they get to know their homes’ systems, troubleshoot them, and work to conserve energy. The HVAC.com Resource Center holds the answers to many common heating and […]

  • Finding a Contractor for Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

    The official start to summer will arrive soon, but summer temperatures and humidity have already spread across the country. Unfortunately, some homeowners will experience cooling system breakdowns in the heat of the summer, causing the need for emergency air conditioning repair. A cooling system breakdown in the summer will really make you sweat. Trying to […]

  • Finding the Right Commercial Heating and Cooling Company to Serve Your Business

    Commercial buildings throughout the country consume large amounts of energy for heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration – over 50 percent of commercial building energy use is HVAC/R related! What does this mean for business and commercial building owners? HVAC operating expenses are a huge portion of your operating budget! The best way to keep your […]

  • All You Need to Know about AC Repair

    Summer weather has hit throughout the country – at some point this season, you may need AC repair. When a cooling system is on the fritz, it can be a concerning time for homeowners – we’re here to make your life a little easier! HVAC.com has some very comprehensive resources available to aid homeowners like […]

  • Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

    Not everyone is as familiar with heating and cooling as we are at HVAC.com – that’s OK! Industry professionals don’t expect it – that’s what we are here for! Whenever you have HVAC questions, you can always contact us or a local heating and air conditioning pro. Or, check the HVAC.com Resource Center for in-depth […]

  • Top HVAC Companies Across the Country

    There are over 105,000 HVAC companies in the United States – that’s a lot of choices for homeowners to select from! In most cities and towns across the country, there are multiple heating and air conditioning companies which serve the same area. HVAC.com makes it simple for homeowners to connect with leading HVAC companies. Our […]

  • HVAC Maintenance Tip: Keep Equipment Clear

    When it comes to HVAC maintenance, how you maintain the areas surrounding your equipment can be just as important as the maintenance of the actual systems. Poor maintenance in the immediate areas surrounding your air conditioner or furnace could decrease system efficiency, damage components, and even put your family in danger. Follow these HVAC maintenance […]