• Your Summer HVAC Maintenance Guide

    Just like any critical piece of equipment, your heating and cooling systems require regular HVAC maintenance to keep them running properly. Home and business owners should stay on top of maintenance tasks year-round to improve system performance and efficiency. Don’t know exactly what to do as far as HVAC maintenance goes? We’ve put together a summer […]

  • Find HVAC Companies in California

    Whether you need a new heating or cooling system installed, repairs to your existing equipment, or maintenance to keep your home’s HVAC systems running smoothly, HVAC companies in California are available to assist you. Approximately 40 million people call California home – it’s the third largest state in the nation, yet the most populated one. […]

  • Find an HVAC Installer in Ohio

    If you’re a resident or business owner in the Buckeye State who needs to find an HVAC installer in Ohio, you’ve come to the right place! The HVAC.com Contractor Directory features HVAC companies in Ohio, serving residential and commercial customers like you. The Ohio population is nearing 12 million – that’s a lot of heating […]

  • Your Guide to Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

    It may happen to you at some point this summer – your air conditioner quits working. Or maybe it’s still running, but you’re feeling no cool air indoors. No air conditioning on the hottest of days can incite a panic in homeowners, but try to keep your cool. Emergency air conditioner repairs can be performed […]

  • Air Conditioning Service Calls for Residential Cooling Systems

    If you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing a cooling system breakdown, you may be unfamiliar with air conditioning service. It’s likely at some point in your life, you will need to work with an HVAC technician – if you’ve never done so before, this can be slightly intimidating for some. HVAC technicians never want […]

  • Air Conditioner Fixes for Homeowners

      When your air conditioner starts making a strange noise, or stops working altogether, it’s easy to panic. Many homeowners don’t possess a detailed knowledge of cooling systems, which can make tackling an air conditioner fix more intimidating. The truth is, not every HVAC issue requires professional help. In some cases, the air conditioner fix […]

  • Find an HVAC Contractor Through HVAC.com

    If you’ve never needed an HVAC contractor before, knowing how and where to find one can be a challenge. In most areas of the country, there are many heating and cooling companies to choose from. How do you determine who offers the services you need and the customer service you expect? Need to find an […]

  • Can I Trust HVAC Quotes Online?

    It’s no secret that HVAC projects can be expensive. Getting a quote from a qualified contractor is the only way to know for sure the cost of your project. There are many blogs and websites which promote HVAC quotes online. They may publish prices for new heating or cooling equipment, or costs associated with common […]

  • Cost of HVAC Inspections for Homeowners

    Before selling or purchasing a home, or even periodically while living in yours, it may be necessary to obtain an HVAC inspection. Performed by a qualified specialist, this inspection will tell you how your home’s heating and cooling systems are functioning, and if any repairs are warranted, as well as replacement. Simpler HVAC inspections may […]

  • Common Home AC Repairs for Residential Air Conditioning Systems

    With temperatures heating up, homeowners are flipping on their air conditioners all across the country! This heating season, you may run into system performance issues which create the need for home AC repair. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic! Common air conditioner issues can be corrected by your local home AC repair […]