• Is Air Conditioning in Schools Essential for Learning?

    Schools are in session, starting in August and September, or sooner. Some districts do not have air conditioning in schools. This leaves students to sweat through the day. Districts across the U.S. faced these problems at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Schools from Detroit to Los Angeles had heat-related closures. Kindergarteners through college students […]

  • Establishing Human Resources for HVAC Businesses

    Your employees are your HVAC company’s most valuable resource. Your small staff works hard and plays many roles. In a small business, formal HR policies aren’t always created. You may lack the funds to develop an HR department and the staff to manage it. If you overlook HR importance, your company goes without needed guidance. This is […]

  • Homes Benefit from the Insurance HVAC Systems Offer

    Most of us think comfort when we think HVAC, but few think of protection or the insurance HVAC systems offer. Aside from increasing comfort, heating and cooling systems stabilize indoor conditions. Your home is built from certain materials and filled with valuable possessions. If the indoor climate isn’t right, severe damage may occur. These losses add up, […]

  • How, When & Why to Change Your Furnace Filter by Gallagher HVAC Services

    Have you ever wondered how often to replace your furnace filter?  Have you ever asked yourself, “what is the purpose of a furnace filter anyway?”  You’re not alone. We’re loving this super helpful video from our good friend Katey Gallagher at Gallagher HVAC Services in Mason, Ohio.  Katey does a great job of explaining how air […]

  • Capture Stellar HVAC Jobsite Photos To Benefit Your Business

    Have you ever remembered a job and thought, “I wish I had a picture of that install”? We tend to wrap up a job and say good-bye to the homeowner – the end. Innovative system design and quality workmanship stay behind in a basement or behind a utility closet door. Their benefit ends with the […]

  • Promote Your HVAC Business After Hours

    Finding a balance between work life and personal life is increasingly difficult – especially for those of us who own a business. For a small business owner, the days seem never-ending. We always seem to be stuck wearing the hat of “HVAC contractor” despite the other roles we play and it is hard to find […]

  • Smart Vents vs. Zoning: Which Zoning Methods Are Best?

    Today, smart home HVAC products are all the rage. They boast easy installation, seamless integration, and desirable energy efficiency. Despite their advertising claims, some “smart” products and zoning methods go against expert advice from heating and cooling professionals. Let’s examine a smart product which claims to “zone” rooms in the home for energy savings – […]

  • HVAC.com Goes On 4th Mission Trip to Haiti

    A few of us from HVAC.com recently returned from our 4th mission trip to Haiti in the last three years.  We work in partnership with Back2Back Ministries to provide sustainable care and development for orphans and vulnerable children around the world.  Thank you to all our customers and partners – when you choose to do […]

  • Conquering HVAC Issues In Churches with Wi-Fi Thermostats

    Case Study about HVAC Issues in Churches provided by our friends at Stiles Heating & Cooling in Athens, GA and Anderson, SC Where do people gather once or twice a week for a few hours at a time where the temperature can be a real bone of contention? Church! With a diverse group of people […]

  • Off-Grid Air Conditioning

    “Going off the grid” is a growing household trend in the United States and across the world. An estimated 180,000 U.S. families were living off-grid as of 2013. More make the transition to off-grid living each year, as access to information increases and environmental consciousness grows among homeowners. Americans go off-grid for a variety of […]