3 Ways To Boost Winter Humidifier Sales

Posted on: February 4, 2016 | by: HVAC.com July 26, 2017

When the heat is on, the humidity is down in homes which do not have solutions in place to balance moisture levels. During winter months, HVAC contractors can boost their sales of humidifiers by focusing on 3 areas which will educate homeowners and promote their products as elite solutions.


1. Homeowner Education


While many homeowners know winter air is less humid, they don’t always know the direct effect a lack of humidity has on them. Selling your whole home humidification solutions begins with education, because if your customers don’t know how these products help, they won’t be purchasing them. Drive home these 3 dry air troubles to illustrate why balanced humidity is critical in the home:


  • Health: Dry air exacerbates a number of problems prevalent in winter, such as dry skin, stuffy noses, and increased cold and flu illnesses. Adding humidity creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment over the winter.
  • Home: Dry air can damage wood products in the home, causing them to dry out and crack. Adding moisture to the home can prevent these expensive dry air problems.
  • Energy: Dry air can lead to unnecessary energy use, as it feels colder, causing homeowners to turn up the heat when adding moisture is what they need — and more cost effective.


2. Improved Comfort Systems


Over the winter months, you’re going to encounter homeowners who need to replace their heating systems. Instead of selling them a furnace, sell them on an improved home comfort system which includes whole home humidification. Take advantage of the opportunity to be in your customer’s home and discuss the direct benefits they could gain; adding humidification solutions to all your new heating system quotes will result in increased add-on sales.


When your potential customers are exploring your heating product selection, plant the humidifier seed: remind them that as a furnace heats air, its natural humidity falls. Pairing their new furnace with a humidifier will help your customer maximize their comfort, helping them make the most out of their new heating system.


3. Differentiate from Big Box Solutions


Humidifiers can be bought at just about any big box store now — in order to buy, your customers need to know how your solutions stand apart.


  • The advantage of professional installation. Many customers buying from big box stores rely on online videos and owner’s manuals in hopes of nailing their install. Purchasing products from an HVAC company who is also qualified to install and service humidifiers is a great value to homeowners, providing assurance that the job will be done right.
  • Whole home versus portable. Most customers are familiar with portable humidifiers, but are unaware of whole home humidification solutions. Contractors can differentiate their solutions by expanding on the equipment’s ability to work in conjunction with the home heating system and treat the entire home at once.


Put these tips in place in your sales strategy to drive up your winter humidifier sales. Educating homeowners on the need for balanced humidity while promoting your products as whole home comfort solutions will help you increase profits this season.


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