A New Approach For HVAC Contractors: Whole Home Performance Contracting

Posted on: October 21, 2015 | by: HVAC.com July 26, 2017

As our industry advances, many contractors are opening new doors for their businesses. Making the transition from strictly HVAC to a company which focuses on home performance can be a profitable move, if you’re ready to face the challenges.



Transitioning to become a business which offers total home performance services opens many doors. You’ll gain a variety of new services to provide your clients, expanding your current offering. The expanded knowledge you’ll gain will also help your team improve your current product and service offering, offering more complete solution that will better benefit the home and business owners you serve.


In order to be successful you must:


  • Strong planning up front to plan for any issues your business will face will be the key to your success.
  • Your business will need to form new partnerships or expand current ones to facilitate your expansion.
  • Vendors and possibly subcontractors will become an important component of your team.


When choosing vendors to supply the materials your new services will require, there will be several factors to consider; cost isn’t the bottom line.


  • Consider the quality of materials, and if the materials are the right fit for what you want to offer.
  • Does the vendor offer technical support, which could be a great asset to your company?
  • Do your current vendors offer the new products you’ll need?
  • Using your current vendor partnerships, you may be able to raise your volumes with the new materials you need, offering further discounts to your business.


Whole home performance contracting takes a wide variety of expertise, which may extend beyond the capabilities of your team. It’s important to choose reliable and trustworthy partners who can perform the work you can’t when a job calls for it. You’ll need to decide whether hiring a subcontractor is right for your business, or if it would make sense to hire someone in-house with the skills you need. Utilizing subcontractors may be the right strategy if your work is intermittent, especially as you begin taking a whole house approach. Hiring someone in-house gives you more control over quality and scheduling.


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