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  • Pest-Proof Your HVAC Components

    Pesky pests are a problem home and business owners battle time and time again. Ignoring pest problems can have damaging consequences – termites can destroy your home or building’s structure, raccoons tear their way into your attic, ants relentlessly invade your interiors, wasps create nests inside and out, posing a danger to occupants – and […]

  • Erase Air Conditioner Smells with Proven Solutions

    When you switch on your air conditioner, you expect to feel it – not smell it! We often hear from homeowners who are experiencing some stinky side effects when they use their cooling systems, so we’ve put together some information that will help you get to the bottom of air conditioner smells, learn their causes, […]

  • How To Clean Mold from Your Window Air Conditioner Safely

    Exposure to mold in the home can cause serious health problems. One hidden place that mold can grow is within your air conditioner; with air constantly circulating through the unit into your home, mold spores are picked up and pushed into your living areas. Be watchful for signs that mold could be lurking in your […]

  • What Can I Do To Help My Allergies At Home?

    Our HVAC question today comes from Jane in Dayton, Ohio: “I along with several members of my family suffer from seasonal allergies. It’s not just bad outdoors, but also affects us inside the home. With spring here, what can I do to get some relief? Cleaning just doesn’t seem to do the trick!” Winter is […]

  • HVAC Q&A: Which Air Purifiers Are Best For Removing Allergens?

    It’s allergy season, and that means stuffy noses, sneezing, and itchy throats. But what if walking through the door of your home meant getting a break from your allergies? In today’s HVAC Q&A, we’re going to talk about a solution that provides that level of protection. Marcus in Louisville, Kentucky writes: “ team, Allergy season […]

  • 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Allergens In Your Home This Spring

    Spring can be a wonderful time of year…unless you’re one of the 50 million seasonal allergy sufferers in the U.S. For those people, spring can be one of the most miserable times of the year. Luckily, spring HVAC maintenance can drastically reduce the amount of allergens throughout the home and help to breathe easy.

  • How to Get Rid Of The 4 Most Common Allergens In Your Home

    Indoor allergens stink. They cause itchy throats, runny noses, constant sneezing and make it difficult for your family to breathe. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, nearly 40 million Americans suffer from indoor/outdoor allergies. Because indoor allergens are so common, they can be difficult to control, especially if you don’t know what […]