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  • HVAC Marketing in 2017

    The first quarter of every new year is the time to examine the past year’s results. Also, set a plan for moving forward. Creating your HVAC marketing plan should involve gauging the goals set for 2016. Were they met, or is there more work to do in 2017? With the old comes the new – […]

  • How to Close More HVAC Leads

    Think about all the unclosed leads your HVAC company has. How much in potential sales does this represent for you? All contractors wish they could close more HVAC leads. For many, it stays a wish – not action. Unclosed leads are truly untapped potential for your business. Changes to your process and approach can help […]

  • HVAC Sales Tips for Contractors: Skip the Hard Sell and Offer Options Instead

    Guest Post Written by Steven Raines To feel good about a purchase, customers need to be in control of the decision. Hard pressure tactics leave customers feeling buyer’s remorse almost immediately because they feel like they’ve been put in a weakened position. So how do you effectively make a sale without pushing the customer AND […]

  • Benefits of Using Your Own Website to Generate HVAC Leads

    Contractors use all sorts of HVAC lead generation ideas to drum up new business. Advertising, trucks, referrals, online, and lead generation services are options. Many choose to purchase leads from a lead generation service, where the cost and quality vary greatly. The cost and hassle of doing so can be cut by putting your assets […]

  • HVAC Advertising Templates: Website Templates, Direct Mail Templates & More

    Every contractor needs a strong website and quality marketing materials. These are key tools for promoting your business, capturing new leads, and converting customers. Creating advertising materials from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. When you’re busy running a business, these items can be easily “back burnered”, to your company’s detriment. HVAC advertising templates can transform […]

  • How to Find Local HVAC Jobs through Social Media

    78% of Americans have a social media profile. The majority of users access social media networks daily. 12 million users access them multiple times each day. Social media users are community members, homeowners, and potential customers. Over a third of homeowners start home improvement projects online. They use social media and other sites for inspiration […]

  • List of Top HVAC Contractors in Ohio

    Installing a new air conditioner or heating system is an expensive investment in your home. Homeowners want to know the contractor they choose to do the job can protect that investment, by providing skilled installation of high-quality HVAC equipment. The search for a contractor can be long and tiresome. In most areas, homeowners have many […]

  • Do Good, Do Well in the HVAC Industry

    The holiday season is a time where many businesses in the HVAC industry make it a mission to give back to others. From office food drives to participating in service projects in their own communities, heating and air conditioning contractors are using their resources and skills to improve the lives of others. Giving back isn’t […]

  • Building a Better HVAC Website

    It’s no surprise that today’s consumers turn to the Internet for purchase info. What may surprise you is homeowners do the same when purchasing new heating and cooling systems. More than half do so, while less than 50% go off contractors’ suggestions. The American Home Comfort Study shows a shift in chosen sources of heating […]

  • Outsourcing HVAC Lead Generation – Tips for Generating New Business

    There are many ways for heating and cooling contractors to gain new leads. You can either do it yourself, or turn to one of the many companies which offer lead generation specifically for our industry. When deciding to pursue a relationship with a lead generation vendor or to keep the task in-house, weigh the potential […]