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Honeywell FC100A1029 Furnace Filter Product Overview Posted by: on September 18, 2018

The Honeywell furnace filter FC100A1029 offers advanced air filtration to protect your home’s heating and cooling equipment while delivering cleaner, healthier indoor air for your household. Learn more about this Honeywell furnace… Read More

Furnace Air Filters – Everything You Need to Know Posted by: on September 13, 2018

The furnace air filter is a critical component of any forced air HVAC system. There are different types and sizes offering different benefits for cleaner air and HVAC equipment. With regular furnace… Read More

Product Overview – Lennox X6672 Furnace Filter Posted by: on September 4, 2018

The X6672 Lennox furnace filter is a carbon clean pleated air filter designed to deliver superior air filtration to your home. Measuring 16”x25”x5”, the Lennox X6672 furnace filter replacement offers MERV 16… Read More

Frequently Asked HVAC Questions: Air Filters Posted by: on July 26, 2018

The air filter, also called a furnace filter, is an integral component of your HVAC system. It’s not permanent, and must be replaced on a regular basis to do its job. Our… Read More

PHILANTHRO: Change Lives When You Change Your Furnace Filter Posted by: on May 15, 2018

Approximately 140 million children worldwide are orphaned – with nearly 12,000 in the U.S. alone waiting to find their forever families through adoption. While this is a global problem that requires dedicated… Read More

Lennox for Ultimate Home Comfort Posted by: on May 1, 2018

The HVAC industry is home to innovative heating and cooling systems manufactured by multiple outstanding brands. Lennox has built a reputation for quality, providing heating and cooling systems that offer efficient comfort… Read More

Your Guide to Furnace Filter Replacement Posted by: on April 17, 2018

Changing your heating and cooling system’s filter is a critical maintenance step every homeowner needs to take to ensure your system operates properly, energy consumption is reduced, and contaminants are removed from… Read More

Furnace Filter Help: Your Guide to All Furnace Filter Questions Posted by: on November 14, 2017

  The filter is an integral component of your HVAC system. There are a variety of sizes and options available – it’s no wonder homeowners have so many furnace filter questions! Below,… Read More

Lennox Furnace Filters for Your Home Posted by: on October 31, 2017

Cold temps are creeping through most of the country – it’s safe to say most furnaces are in use! A clean furnace filter is an absolute essential for an efficient heating system… Read More

Furnace Filter Replacement Schedule: 6 Ways to Remember it’s That Time Posted by: on September 27, 2017

Changing your furnace filter regularly has a great impact on your health, and the health of your HVAC system. Indoor air is polluted with contaminants — as much as five times more… Read More

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