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  • Smart Vents vs. Zoning: Which Zoning Methods Are Best?

    Today, smart home HVAC products are all the rage. They boast easy installation, seamless integration, and desirable energy efficiency. Despite their advertising claims, some “smart” products and zoning methods go against expert advice from heating and cooling professionals. Let’s examine a smart product which claims to “zone” rooms in the home for energy savings – […]

  • Get To Know Your New Home’s HVAC Systems

    One of the most important steps before you buy a new home or right after you move in is to get to know your new home’s HVAC systems. Moving into a new home is a big adventure all-around, and learning its ins and outs will inevitably take some time. While that one random light switch […]

  • Thermostat Recycling – Don’t Trash Your Old Mercury Stats!

    Environmentally friendly products and services have taken on a significant role in the HVAC world over the last several years, and thermostat recycling is near the top of the list. As consumers have become more environmentally conscious, looking for ways to lower their energy consumption, much of our industry’s environmentally friendly focus is placed on […]

  • Thermostat Recycling Options for Contractors

    For the protection of the environment and public health, items containing mercury must be disposed of properly. Homeowners may not realize that the thermostat they are replacing contains mercury, and therefore must be handled with care. As an HVAC contractor, customers often look to you for solutions disposing of the HVAC equipment you’re replacing. By […]

  • Smart Thermostats For Your Home – What’s The Big Deal?

    Years ago, homeowners didn’t give much thought to their thermostat — it was a piece of equipment with simple functions: turn the heat or air conditioning on or off, adjust the temperature, and maybe control the fan. Then along came the programmable thermostat, and a big push for installation, citing their energy-saving capabilities and the […]

  • HVAC Q&A: What Is A Programmable Thermostat & How Do I Choose The Right One?

    Recently, we’ve received several questions about programmable thermostats from the community. This installment of HVAC Q&A will address Lucas from Florida’s question. He writes: “Dear team, I’m a new homeowner and I’m trying to find a way to lower my energy bills. I’ve heard a programmable thermostat can help, but what exactly is […]

  • HVAC Q&A: How Do I Disguise My Ugly Thermostat?

    Today’s HVAC Q&A question is focused on making your thermostat more appealing. David in Arlington, VA writes: “I just bought a beautiful home in Arlington with a rustic, comfortable sitting room. The problem is, our HVAC system’s thermostat sits right in the middle of one of the walls. It breaks up the feel of the […]

  • 4 High Tech Thermostats That Will Save You Money Now

    Do you spend thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills? Does your HVAC system continuously run, even when you aren’t home? One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to install a programmable thermostat. If you’re looking to save some money this year, check out these four high […]

  • Optimize Your Programmable Thermostat Settings For Winter

    There’s no denying it — colder temperatures have arrived throughout the country. It’s time to change your programmable thermostat settings to account for the changing seasons. Make the most of your thermostat this season by incorporating settings that will optimize your heating system efficiency. Setting your programmable thermostat for winter will keep your family comfortable […]

  • Shopping For HVAC And Indoor Air Quality Products Online

    Shopping for indoor air quality products online is an efficient and easy way to get everything you need for a safe, comfortable home with clean air to breathe. However, it can get a little daunting with so many options to choose from. Whether you’ve just started searching for indoor air quality products online, or are […]