The Most Common Heat Pump Problems & How to Avoid Them Posted by: on September 13, 2019

Like all appliances, your heat pump may sometimes have trouble working correctly. Maybe it won’t turn on, or it no longer heats up appropriately. Alternatively, maybe your heat pump doesn’t cool down… Read More

Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace: 8 Major Myths Posted by: on September 12, 2019

Heat pumps and gas furnaces are two popular options for heating a home. But they work in very different ways, and each have their own pros and cons. Check out these eight… Read More

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which One is Right for You? Posted by: on September 12, 2019

When it comes to heating, most homes have a choice between a heat pump or a furnace. Although they both accomplish the same goal of heating your home, they do so in… Read More

July HVAC Maintenance Tips Posted by: on July 18, 2019

  Summer is in full swing! Fourth of July parties, summer cookouts, and more are coming soon, and your cooling system needs to be operating smoothly to keep your guests comfortable –… Read More

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly this Earth Day Posted by: on April 16, 2019

  Each American household has a significant impact on our environment. The appliances we depend on each day can be significant energy consumers, while in turn creating carbon emissions that are harmful… Read More

HVAC.com Featured Contractor: William C. Fox Heating & Air Conditioning Posted by: on April 4, 2019

  Each month, HVAC.com is shining a spotlight on the often unseen side of those in our industry – the charitable hearts and generous acts of contractors across the country. So many… Read More

HVAC Tax Credits 2018 Posted by: on February 26, 2019

As you prepare your taxes for 2018, consider your heating and cooling system and the improvements you may have made last year. HVAC tax credits and energy tax credits have the potential… Read More

How to Change Whole Home Humidifier Water Panels Posted by: on November 15, 2018

Cold weather and dry air are here – it’s humidifier season again! To ensure your whole home humidifier is operating properly this winter, some simple maintenance steps are necessary. Changing humidifier water… Read More

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