HVAC Marketing in 2017

The first quarter of every new year is the time to examine the past year’s results. Also, set a plan for moving forward. Creating your HVAC marketing plan should involve gauging the goals set for 2016. Were they met, or is there more work to do in 2017? With the old comes the new – what do you need to improve this year?

With this review, begin laying ground for your 2017 HVAC marketing plan. This plan will define your marketing efforts for the year, guiding your team. Break down high-level goals into action items, to execute valuable marketing campaigns which bring new customers, sell new products, and expand services.

Our marketing experts will help you make the most of your 2017 HVAC marketing plan. No matter your goals, work two elements into everything you do this year.

  1. Optimize to Expand Digital HVAC Marketing

    If you’re not optimizing digital content, you’re not maximizing its power. Every piece of content you put out needs optimization. Everything, from your web pages and blogs to social media profiles and posts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to putting your content in front of viewers.
    HVAC Marketing Keywords
    Incorporate strong keywords and key phrases in all content, including local keywords. Identify the key terms bringing viewers to your website and blogs. Improve search rank using key terms in page titles, meta data, headings, and in the body of content.
    #Hashtag HVAC Marketing
    Use hashtags on social media. Hashtags look like this: #hashtag. They’re used on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to improve search placement.

  2. Track Progress of HVAC Marketing

    Determining 2017’s successes and failures will be easier if you implement tracking into this year’s HVAC marketing efforts. The information obtained helps you realize the value of your efforts, and your marketing dollars. Use the data to measure success and failure, and best return on investment. Decide which tactics to keep or lose next year.
    Every marketing campaign you launch should incorporate a method for tracking results.
    Track digital HVAC marketing through analytics
    Capture data on your website, through your advertising partners, and on social media platforms. Impressions show you how many viewers a piece was in front of. Click throughs and page views tell the number of viewers who viewed specific content. Downloads and form submissions are viewers who completed the goal.
    Create methods to track traditional HVAC marketing
    When taking leads via phone or in person, your team should always ask, “Where’d you hear about us?” Save answers in your database. Reference them when analyzing how effective certain channels were in bringing in leads.
    Use specific phone numbers for print ads and other marketing materials to track calls from marketing efforts. Create phone numbers which forward to your business for each campaign or collateral piece. Use a vendor that collects data regarding calls to that number.

As you look for a good AC technician to hire, look for the elements listed above. Certifications and licensing will aid you in evaluating contractors and picking the best out of the crowd.

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