• HVAC Q&A: What Is A Programmable Thermostat & How Do I Choose The Right One?

    Recently, we’ve received several questions about programmable thermostats from the community. This installment of HVAC Q&A will address Lucas from Florida’s question. He writes: “Dear team, I’m a new homeowner and I’m trying to find a way to lower my energy bills. I’ve heard a programmable thermostat can help, but what exactly is […]

  • What is Radon and How Do You Keep It Out Of Your Home?

    You’ve done your homework. You know how airborne allergens can affect your family’s health, so you check your furnace filters monthly and bought an air purifier for your home. You know that carbon monoxide is tasteless and odorless, so you bought CO detectors to keep your family safe. But what about radon? What is it? […]

  • What Are The Benefits of ENERGY STARⓇ Rated HVAC Products?

    It’s time to replace a piece of HVAC equipment. Whether it is a heat pump, furnace, boiler, air conditioning system, or other in-home electronic equipment, you are bound to run into the ENERGY STAR label as you research a replacement. What exactly is ENERGY STAR rated equipment? How does it help you? Where can you […]