• How To Save Money On Your Water Heater Bill

    The average household spends between $400 to $600 each year on heating water; it’s the second largest energy expense in your home, accounting for up to 18 percent of your total energy use. With such a significant portion of your energy budget dedicated to water heating, homeowners look for ways to save money with their […]

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    These days, you can do just about anything using your smartphone. Controlling your air conditioner and managing your cooling energy use can be done from almost anywhere in the world now! Smart apps for your Android phone, Windows phone or iPhone can help you save money on cooling costs, and allow you to control your […]

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  • Smart Thermostats For Your Home – What’s The Big Deal?

    Years ago, homeowners didn’t give much thought to their thermostat — it was a piece of equipment with simple functions: turn the heat or air conditioning on or off, adjust the temperature, and maybe control the fan. Then along came the programmable thermostat, and a big push for installation, citing their energy-saving capabilities and the […]

  • 8 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint This Earth Day (And Every Other Day)

    April 22 is Earth Day, and that means its time to think about your home’s carbon footprint. Is your home energy efficient? Are you taking advantage of the latest technology to help the environment? How can you make your home greener this year?

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  • Why Your Old Heating System Could be Costing You More Than Just Maintenance Costs

    As technology advances, new and improved models are introduced to the market that offer many advantages above what their older counterparts produce. This is true with just about everything — including your heating system. While an older furnace or heater may still be functioning fine, chances are that it is more expensive to operate than […]