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Top 4 Mobile Apps To Keep Track Of Energy Usage By Will Housh, June 29, 2015

These days, you can do just about anything using your smartphone. Controlling your air conditioner and managing your cooling energy use can be done from almost anywhere in the world now! Smart… Read More

5 Strategies To Lower Summer Energy Bill Costs By Will Housh, June 24, 2015

It’s no secret — when the air conditioner is on, your electricity bill goes up. High temperatures around the country make using an air conditioner a necessity, but there are many ways… Read More

Smart Thermostats For Your Home – What’s The Big Deal? By Will Housh, May 11, 2015

Years ago, homeowners didn’t give much thought to their thermostat — it was a piece of equipment with simple functions: turn the heat or air conditioning on or off, adjust the temperature,… Read More

8 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint This Earth Day (And Every Other Day) By Will Housh, April 20, 2015

April 22 is Earth Day, and that means its time to think about your home’s carbon footprint. Is your home energy efficient? Are you taking advantage of the latest technology to help… Read More

What Are The Benefits of ENERGY STARⓇ Rated HVAC Products? By Will Housh, February 2, 2015

It’s time to replace a piece of HVAC equipment. Whether it is a heat pump, furnace, boiler, air conditioning system, or other in-home electronic equipment, you are bound to run into the… Read More

Optimize Your Programmable Thermostat Settings For Winter By Will Housh, December 30, 2014

  There’s no denying it — colder temperatures have arrived throughout the country. It’s time to change your programmable thermostat settings to account for the changing seasons. Make the most of your… Read More

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