• Erase Air Conditioner Smells with Proven Solutions

    When you switch on your air conditioner, you expect to feel it – not smell it! We often hear from homeowners who are experiencing some stinky side effects when they use their cooling systems, so we’ve put together some information that will help you get to the bottom of air conditioner smells, learn their causes, […]

  • How To Clean Mold from Your Window Air Conditioner Safely

    Exposure to mold in the home can cause serious health problems. One hidden place that mold can grow is within your air conditioner; with air constantly circulating through the unit into your home, mold spores are picked up and pushed into your living areas. Be watchful for signs that mold could be lurking in your […]

  • 5 Signs You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home

    Indoor environments with excessive humidity levels are uncomfortable and pose a number of problems to your health and home. Luckily, humidity problems can be remedied through the use of a dehumidifier, either a whole-home model or portable unit that can be used specifically in problem areas of the home. Be on the lookout for the […]

  • HVAC Q&A: How To Remove Mold From Your Home – DIY

    In today’s HVAC Q&A session we’re going to tackle a very important topic, mold removal. Janice in Galveston, Texas found some mold in her ductwork and is curious about do-it-yourself removal techniques she can employ to keep her family healthy. She writes: “ team, I recently read your piece about mold and how to spot […]

  • What are the Effects of Mold in my HVAC system and How do I Know If I Have it?

    Mold is everywhere. It grows just about anywhere there is excess moisture. In the case of your heating and cooling (HVAC) system, that means ductwork, AC evaporator coils, and drip pans are the perfect environments for mold growth. This is especially dangerous because when left unchecked, mold can spread through the air in your home […]