Haier is a Chinese electronics and appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, China, that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of home electronics like refrigerators, washing machines, furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners. In 2016, Haier purchased the General Electric appliances division for $5.4 billion.

Types of Haier Products

Haier offers a range of European-style heating and cooling units that deliver the comfort level your space requires. Whether you have a large home that needs a year-round heating and cooling solution or a small apartment in need of air conditioning, Haier has a myriad of products to fit every preference.

Haier Window Air Conditioners

Haier’s window air conditioners feature two options for power: 230 volts or 115 volts.

  • The most advanced model, Haier QHC24DX ENERGY STAR® 230 Volt Smart Electronic Room Air Conditioner, features a remote-controlled electronic thermostat, three cooling speeds, EZ mount kit, and WiFi connectivity for convenient controlling from your smartphone. You can use Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit with this window unit, which measures in at approximately 18 inches long, 26 inches in width, and 25 inches high.
  • The Haier QHV05LX 115 Volt Room Air Conditioner is more affordable and features an adjustable thermostat, two fan speeds, and an EZ mount kit. This smaller window unit measures approximately 12 inches long, 18 inches in width, and 15 inches high.

Haier Portable Air Conditioners

Haier offers six portable air conditioner models, some of which offer heating options as well.

  • The Haier HPND14XHT Portable Air Conditioner with Heat-Dual Hose is the most advanced of the portable Haier AC units and includes electronic controls, a full functioning remote, three fan speeds, time and temperature display with digital temperature adjust, on/off timer, dehumidify modes, four-way air direction, and an easily accessible washable filter. Heating capacity is 10,000 BTUH, and the unit measures in at about 29 inches long, 17 inches in width, and 15 in height.
  • The Haier HPP08XCR Portable Air Conditioner is the most affordable option and features an easy-to-install window kit, a 24-hour timer, two fan speeds, electronic controls, a full-function remote, digital temperature adjust, temperature and time display, and a dehumidify mode. This smaller unit measures approximately 28 inches long, 12 inches in width, and 13 inches high.

Haier Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems With Heat Pump

Ductless heat pump air conditioning systems are popular in Europe and Asia, and they’re convenient solutions in a variety of heating and cooling situations. Whether you’re building a large new home and have limited central heating and air or live in an older home with little to no ductwork, ductless HVAC systems provide year-round comfort for your home or office space.

Haier Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioners

If you’ve discovered that one particular room in your home or place of business is too hot or too cold, then a single-zone ductless heat pump air conditioner is a potential solution. These units are designed for small spaces and keep temperatures balanced to deliver comfort consistently.

  • Tempo Series: 115V power with 9,000/12,000 BTU heating capacity; budget-friendly; best in mild climates
  • Advanced Plus Series: rated by ENERGY STAR® for efficiency; operates quietly at 23 dBa; heats and cools larger spaces
  • Arctic Series: most energy-efficient mini-split system; provides full heating capacity even at 5 degrees F
  • FlexFit Series: offers three styles for indoor units; allows for longer distance between indoor and outdoor units

Haier Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioners

These units allow you to heat and cool a larger space with multiple rooms while providing individual zone temperature control.

  • FlexFit Multi Series: run 2-4 indoor units simultaneously; a variety of unit styles to choose from; mix-and-match products to get up to 48,000 BTU
  • Arctic Multi Series: same features as Arctic Single Zone, except it can operate in up to three separate zones
  • MRV-S Series: best for large buildings; allows for the operation of up to nine units simultaneously; allows for multi-floor installation; offers longer refrigerant lines

Haier Pricing

The cost of a major appliance can vary depending on factors including installation fees, the size of the unit, and the type of home. You won’t truly know a specific price until you speak with a local HVAC professional.

Haier Reviews

According to Consumer Affairs, Haier has earned an average of 2.5 stars based on 129 reviews. Satisfied customers appreciate the affordability, the design, and the quality build of the products.

To determine if Haier air conditioning units or other products are right for you, browse Haier heat pump reviews and Haier air conditioner reviews to weigh your options. Be on the lookout for reviews that discuss Haier products’ reliability, energy efficiency, and installation. Keep in mind that many customers leave bad reviews because of the installation and not necessarily because of the product itself. You can narrow down your search by utilizing Haier air conditioner reviews.

Haier Warranties

Every Haier ductless unit includes a standard warranty. Though warranties may vary from model to model, the most common are the five-year limited warranty and the seven-year compressor warranty. The five-year limited warranty covers defects due to workmanship or material up to five years from the date of purchase. The compressor warranty guarantees the unit’s compressor for seven years from the date of purchase. If you register your Haier product within 60 days of purchase, you can qualify for the 10-year standard registered limited warranty.