Automated Lead Management

Automated Lead Management within the Command Center is your solution to weeding out all the junk leads you are receiving.

Lead Management

How do I benefit?

  • All leads are verified the moment they come in, increasing your chances of being the first-responder and winning the job
  • Leads with bad information are automatically submitted for a refund, saving you the time and hassle of the refund process.
  • You gain confidence that you are paying for new customers, not just leads.

How does this work?

  • We work with you to connect with each of the services you use to gather leads
  • Our system automatically contacts every lead that you receive, ensuring that there is a valid need by the consumer
  • The goal is to turn every lead into a warm phone call, an appointment on your calendar, or a refund.

What does it cost?

  • Our automated system is part of our POWER subscription + $1 per processed lead!

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