One Platform For Managing All Of Your HVAC Leads

Increase Efficiency in Your Lead Follow-Up, Improve Your Win Rate & Get More Out of Your Third-Party Lead Generation Partners


As an HVAC contractor, we know how important it is to generate new customer leads. Your main goal is to find jobs, and you’ll do whatever you can to do this efficiently and profitably. That’s why many contractors turn to top lead service sites like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack to fill their pipelines. Though these websites are helpful for connecting contractors with potential jobs, they also have a few shortcomings.

1First, the sheer number of lead service sites is a challenge. Every site has a separate login, and a different process for advertising your business and claiming leads. This can be a huge time constraint for busy contractors, who simply need an easy – and fast – way to know when a job request is submitted. has simplified this process – you can now manage ALL of your leads from third-party lead sites in once place. Within HVAC’s Command Center, you will be able to:

gold arrow Rate your leads, and document whether a job was won or lost

gold arrow Review reports showing lead quality & revenue earned from each lead by source

gold arrow Claim & Manage all HVAC leads from one place!





2Second, timeliness is key. If contractors want to land jobs, they need to respond to consumer requests almost immediately. It’s said that responding to a lead within one hour increases your chances of closing business by as much as 7x. Imagine the impact of contacting a prospective customer within minutes!

This is possible with the help of HVAC’s automatic customer communication feature. Within’s Command Center, you can:

gold arrow  Claim leads within minutes from or third-party lead service sites

gold arrow  Prioritize outreach to leads based on’s proprietary lead scoring system

gold arrow  Automatically vet assigned leads via text message or automated phone calls





3Lastly, we’ve talked to many contractors over the years – and are contractors ourselves. So we know that the main goal of most HVAC businesses is to drive quality leads that turn into jobs, without wasting time or money chasing leads that will never close.

With HVAC’s advanced reporting analyzer, you no longer need to question whether your advertising spend is effective. You can look at your dashboard within the Command Center and in minutes see exactly which lead aggregator sites drove the best leads, and the most business, at any given time. This will allow you to make better decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars.




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gold arrow  How can I claim my leads & respond to customer requests?

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gold arrow  How much does this cost? Will I see a return on my investment?

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