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HVAC Contractors in Minnesota’s mission is to connect Minnesota home and business owners with qualified HVAC contractors in Minneapolis, HVAC contractors in St. Paul, and in all Minnesota cities and towns. We’ve prescreened and certified our contractors to make your job easier – simply tell us about your project, and we will help you hand-pick an HVAC professional with the right knowledge, experience, and certifications to meet your needs.


Nearly 5.5 million individuals call the state of Minnesota “home.” Minnesota residents are no strangers to fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures, as the state’s location in the Upper Midwest is home to the widest range of weather in the country. The state has distinctive springs, summers, falls, and winters, meaning home and business owners must have comprehensive heating and cooling systems for optimal control over indoor conditions. Furnaces matched with cooling systems keep interiors at pleasant temperatures throughout the year.


Minnesota requires that all HVAC contractors in Minneapolis, HVAC contractors in St. Paul, and across the state file a mechanical contractor bond with the Department of Labor and Industry. Local governments may also require a heating and cooling professional to be licensed. Certified Contractors are an elite group – not every contractor meets the high bar we set for our homeowners and commercial property owners. thoroughly evaluates contractors based on the high standards consumers would use when searching for an HVAC pro, and more, given our extensive industry knowledge. Certified Contractors offer superior customer service while following industry best practices when performing heating and cooling work.


Don’t delay your heating and cooling project any longer – will help you find a local HVAC contractor in Minneapolis or your Minnesota locale.