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RHP Mechanical
1008 East 4th Street
Reno, NV 96161
(775) 322-9434

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Air Zone Cooling and Heating
2815 Santa Margarita St
Las Vegas, NV 89191
(702) 240-9663

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Sahara Air
2718 Highland Drive
Las Vegas, NV 84604
(702) 796-9677

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Ruby Mountain Hvacr & Plumbing
2255 Last Chance Road suite A.
Elko, NV 89833
(775) 738-9375

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6572 Lombard Dr.
Las vegas, NV 89191
(702) 826-6473

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Instant Air
3141 Westwood dr
Las Vegas, NV 89191
(702) 385-2665

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Climate Control Experts
3975 W. Quail Ave. Ste #12
Las Vegas, NV 89191
(702) 483-3333

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ACLV Heating and Cooling
6255 Mcleod Dr, Suite 23 Las V
Las Vegas, NV 89191
(702) 749-4976

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Goettl Air Conditioning
8311 W Sunset Rd, Ste 200
Las Vegas, NV 89191
(702) 623-0017

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HVAC Contractors in Nevada


HVAC contractors in Nevada are able to contend with the desert climate for both residents and businesses alike.  Through, customers can find answers for all their most common questions and locate certified professionals to help them throughout the Silver State.  HVAC contractors in Nevada offer knowledge, skill, and great customer service at a competitive price.


Close to 3 million people call Nevada their home and need reliable contractors to keep the heat down.  Understanding Nevada has desert climates means that the air is extremely dry.  Customers could benefit greatly from a properly working humidifier to combat the arid heat during the long summers.  If you are in need of a dehumidifier then can help you find an affordable system and assist you with experts to keep it running smoothly.  With heating and cooling contractors in Nevada, residents and businesses can rest easy knowing that qualified professionals are equipped to meet all their needs and demands.


No one ever said dealing with climate control was easy but with’s trusted contractors you can have faith in their performance.  All of HVAC’s contractors have been screened and vetted to provide contractors with the Certified Contractor seal.  When you see this seal you will know you have found an expert to tackle whatever issues lay ahead. offers a comprehensive list of all HVAC contractors in Nevada through our Online Contractor Directory at