Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

What is the Recommended Humidity Level for my Home?

The ideal comfortable humidity level varies for each home. Humidifier manufacturers suggest the optimum home comfort level is between 40-50%. While the optimum level where micro-organisms can’t grow, is 35-50%. Before you select your humidity level, it’s best to bear in mind:

Lower levels can contribute to a sense of discomfort or chill even at warmer indoor temperatures.

Higher levels can result in a clammy damp feeling and foster mold formation in your home.

Humidity levels in colder climates lower than 50% in the winter time can results in harsh effects on the mucous linings of the nose, lips, and finger cuticles – alerting you your home air is too dry. Bear in mind if you try to put more than the recommended moisture into your air, cold windows will likely accumulate in condensation, especially on windows that face the wind.

Also be aware excessive added moisture means ice could begin to collect on windows that could eventually appear in deeper unseen areas of the home. such as in walls and attic cavities. After few seasons of this water accumulation, including on building materials — sheathing, studs and woodwork – rotting could occur. Homeowners would then be faced with needed repairs and replacements. In the meantime, home occupants could pay health-wise from mold associated with existing rotting within the home that can make people sick. Should you need help, see How to Address Mold and Mildew Problems article.

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The following Guide can help you keep your home humidity level properly balanced so you and your loved ones are not only comfortable, but you are protecting where you live.

Outside Temperature Indoor Relative Humidity
Above 50 °F Not over 50%
Above 20 °F Not over 40%
Between 10º & 20ºF Not over 35%
Between 0º & 10ºF Not over 30%
Between -10º & 0ºF Not over 25%
Between -20º & –10ºF Not over 20%
-20ºF or below Not over 15%

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