How to Clean Your Furnace Combustion System

These instructions on how to clean your furnace combustion system will eliminate buildup and help your heating system function flawlessly, preventing repairs and unnecessary energy consumption. This essential furnace maintenance step can be performed by the homeowner or an HVAC contractor.

To clean your furnace combustion system, follow these steps.

  1. Turn off power to your furnace. Flip the power switch near the unit to ‘off’.
  2. Remove the combustion chamber door – lift it up and gently pull it off.
  3. If a burner cover is in place, remove it – you may need a screwdriver to do so.
  4. Turn on power to the furnace. Activate the burners by adjusting the thermostat’s temperature.
  5. Watch the burner flame color – they should be blue and remain even. Burner flames that are yellow indicate dirty burners.
  6. Turn off power to the furnace. Also, turn off the gas supply at the gas valve.
  7. Use a bristled brush and sweep out the bottom of the combustion chamber, and brush off the burners.
  8. Vacuum the burners and combustion chamber, removing all signs of soot in the chamber.
  9. Wipe off the burners with a cloth to further remove debris.
  10. Reset burners to their original positions.
  11. Replace the burner cover and combustion chamber door.
  12. Turn on the gas and electricity to the unit.

HVAC technicians assist with how to clean your furnace combustion system

If you are uncomfortable cleaning your furnace combustion system on your own, turn to your trusted heating and cooling company for assistance. Combustion system cleaning is performed as a part of a preventative maintenance tune-up, which should be performed every fall for your heating system.