How To Find And Replace The Lennox X6670 Furnace Filter

How To Find and Replace Your Lennox X6670 Furnace Filter

Here are the step by step instructions explaining how to change the Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 Air Filter. This replacement process will take less than 5 minutes and no tools are needed! Just your handsanda new filter.

1.) Locate your HCC16-28 (Y2920) filter cabinet, it should be next to your furnace or air handler
2.) Unwrap your Lennox X6670 air filter
3.) Pull on the handle of the cabinet’s front panel to remove
4.) Slide the filter out using the cardboard handles
5.) Insert the new Lennox X6670 filter, making sure that the air flow arrows are pointed toward your furnace or air handler
6.) Make a reminder to replace the filter in 9 – 12 months

Why Do I Need to Change My Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 Filter?

Furnace filters aren’t designed to last forever – eventually, all the contaminants they remove from your air supply clog the filter’s surface, so it cannot perform effectively anymore. Changing your Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 furnace filter should be done for several reasons, including:

  • Improved filtration performance. A filter that’s full of pollutants won’t be effective in catching more contaminants, so your home won’t gain the contaminant control you’ve come to expect.
  • Improved HVAC system performance. A dirty furnace filter restricts air movement through your HVAC systems. Your heating and cooling equipment require a precise amount of airflow to work properly. A dirty filter’s contaminant buildup prevents air from circulating through the system effectively. The equipment will work harder, drawing more energy, to achieve the needed airflow. Your energy bills will be higher, and you will likely experience system breakdowns requiring repair.
  • A cleaner indoor environment. By removing airborne contaminants, your Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 furnace filter keeps your home cleaner! When your filter is too dirty, it cannot capture those contaminants effectively, and they’ll end up back in your living areas where you’ll notice more dust and dirt, requiring more frequent cleaning. A clean Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 furnace filter keeps your living areas cleaner, improving your indoor environment and lessening your workload, saving you the extra cleaning chores.

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