Honeywell FC100A1029 Furnace Filter Product Overview

The Honeywell FC100A1029 Furnace Filter (air filter) is a great filter for removing allergens and pollutants from your home. The FC100A1029 is measured at 16″ x 25″ x 4″ giving it a wide breath of space to catch up to 96% of mold, dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites, allergens, and more!

This Honeywell FC100A1029 has a MERV 11 rating and is a direct filter replacement for the Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaners F100F2002, F25F1000, F35F1008, F100B1016, F100F1012, F150E1026, and F200E1029 with a recommendation to change every 9 months.

Benefits of Honeywell Filters

Using the Honeywell FC100A1029 filter with your Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaner offers many benefits! The filter delivers superior MERV 11 filtration, capturing far more pollutants than standard 1-inch disposable filters. This level of filtration is quite beneficial for homes with family members who are sensitive to airborne contaminants or who suffer allergies or asthma.

Use the Honeywell FC100A1029 filter to protect your HVAC system as well as improve indoor air quality! The filter not only functions to keep your air cleaner, but to keep your system components cleaner! By keeping harmful particles out of the system, your heating and cooling equipment will benefit from better performance and lower energy consumption, thus keeping you comfortable and helping you save money!

Changing Your Honeywell Filter

You need to change your Honeywell FC100A1029 every six to twelve months. You can do this yourself, or have your trusted HVAC technician do so when performing your annual preventative maintenance service.

Changing your Honeywell FC100A1029 filter is easy! To do so:

  1. Find where your air cleaner is installed – it’s typically placed between your return air duct and the air handler or furnace.
  2. Remove the door on the air cleaner that encases the filter.
  3. Slide out the used filter and throw it away.
  4. Unwrap your new Honeywell FC100A1029 filter.
  5. Slide the new Honeywell FC100A1029 filter into the air cleaner filter compartment, making sure the arrows printed along its frame align with the direction that air flows through your system.
  6. Replace the air cleaner’s door.

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