Honeywell FC100A1029 Furnace Filter Product Overview

The Honeywell furnace filter FC100A1029 offers advanced air filtration to protect your home’s heating and cooling equipment while delivering cleaner, healthier indoor air for your household. Learn more about this Honeywell furnace filter and how it will benefit your HVAC equipment and indoor air quality!

Honeywell Furnace Filter FC100A1029 Stats

The Honeywell FC100A1029 furnace filter is a MERV 11 filter with the power to remove up to 96% of dirt, dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens from your home. This Honeywell furnace filter measures 16”x25”x4” and is a direct replacement for disposable filters in the following Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaners:

  • F100F2002
  • F25F1000
  • F35F1008
  • F100B1016
  • F100F1012
  • F150E1026
  • F200E1029

The Honeywell furnace filter model FC100A1029 should be changed approximately every 9 months for optimal performance. During periods of heavy system use or if you have higher levels of airborne contaminants in the home due to pets, smoking, or other factors, it may be necessary to change the filter more frequently. Always inspect your filter once per month and change it as soon as you find the surface media clogged with contaminants.

The Honeywell furnace filter FC100A1029 is a pleated filter that offers extended service life with its 4-inch thickness. Thicker filters offer longer service life versus standard 1-inch disposable filters and higher efficiencies. With a MERV 11 efficiency rating, this filter has the capacity to remove airborne contaminants between 1.0 to 3.0 microns in size with a 96 % efficiency. Particles in this range include mold spores, fine dusts, and even hair spray!

How to Change the Honeywell Furnace Filter FC100A1029

Changing your Honeywell furnace filter FC100A1029 every 9 months is easy – all you have to do is follow the simple steps below! Or if you would feel more comfortable leaving this task to the pros, have your HVAC technician change your filter during annual preventative maintenance tune-ups for your heating and cooling equipment.

  1. Locate the filter cabinet on your Honeywell Whole Home Air Cleaner – it is typically installed between the return air duct and the furnace or air handler.
  2. Remove the filter access panel.
  3. Slide out the used Honeywell filter FC100A1029 and dispose of it.
  4. Remove the packaging from your new Honeywell furnace filter model FC100A1029 and dispose of the packaging.
  5. Slide the new filter into the filter compartment. Make sure the arrows printed on the filter’s frame are facing the direction indicated – this will allow air to move properly through your system.
  6. Replace the filter access panel.

Don’t forget to set a reminder to change your furnace filter in 9 months (or sooner)! It’s easy to overlook this important step as filters are out of sight, out of mind, but you never want to skip it! Operating your heating and cooling system with a clogged filter can prevent air from moving through your system correctly, causing a range of problems from lack of conditioned air indoors and more stress to system components. A clogged filter also won’t be able to deliver the MERV 11 filtration levels you expect of the Honeywell furnace filter model FC100A1029, leaving your indoor air with more contaminants, causing increasing allergy symptoms and more dust and debris in your living areas.

Change your Honeywell furnace filter regularly for best performance and maximized HVAC system efficiency!

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