Honeywell FC100A1037 Furnace Filter

The Honeywell FC100A1037 Furnace Filter (air filter) is a great filter for removing allergens and pollutants from your home. This FC100A1037 is measured at 20″ x 25″ x 4″ giving it a wide breath of space to catch up to 96% of mold, dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites, allergens, and more! The Honeywell FC100A1037 has a MERV 11 rating and is a direct filter replacement for the Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaners F200E1029 and F100F2002 with a recommendation to change every 6 – 9 months.


Benefits of Honeywell Filters

The Honeywell FC100A1037 is designed to work with Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaners to deliver cleaner, healthier indoor air for your family. This MERV 11 filter offers enhanced pollutant control indoors to rid your home of common allergens and harmful particulates that wreak havoc on your health and comfort.

A Honeywell FC100A1037 filter not only enhances your health and comfort, but does the same for your home’s heating and air conditioning systems! This filter stops contaminants from settling within your equipment, where they contribute to increased energy consumption and can cause system breakdowns. Protect your HVAC systems by using high-efficiency, OEM filters in your Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaner.


Changing Your Honeywell Filter

Your Honeywell FC100A1037 furnace filter requires changing approximately every six to nine months. This can be done with a few simple steps, or have your heating and cooling technician perform the filter change during your annual preventative maintenance visits.

To change your Honeywell FC100A1037 filter:

  • Find the air cleaner (it’s probably located where your return air duct meets your furnace or air handler).
  • Remove the air cleaner door that covers the filter compartment.
  • Pull out the old filter and dispose of it.
  • Unwrap your new Honeywell FC100A1037 filter.
  • Observe the arrows on the filter’s frame – you want to insert the new filter with the arrows pointing in the direction of airflow through the system so the filter will work properly.
  • Slide the new filter into the compartment.
  • Replace the air handler’s door. is your resource for all information about furnace maintenance.