Lennox Furnace Filters for Your Home

Cold temps are creeping through most of the country – it’s safe to say most furnaces are in use! A clean furnace filter is an absolute essential for an efficient heating system this season. Genuine OEM Lennox furnace filters are a perfect fit for your Lennox brand system, and should be replaced periodically throughout the colder months to keep your furnace operating smoothly and affordably.

About the Lennox Furnace Filter Brand

Lennox furnace filters work to improve air quality throughout the home, enhancing the health of all occupants. These high-quality filters work to remove pollen, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants that are circulated by the furnace during operation. The Lennox furnace filter traps contaminant particles, removing them from your air supply.

With a wide variety of filters, Lennox offers solutions for homes with ranging filtration needs. Lennox furnace filters are available in numerous MERV ratings to suit the needs of your home and family.

Replacing Your Lennox Furnace Filter

In most Lennox heating systems, the Lennox furnace filter is located within the furnace’s return air vent. This is situated on the ceiling, wall, or side of the air handler or furnace unit. The filter may also be located in an attached filter case positioned next to your unit, or within the blower compartment of the furnace behind an access panel.

Once you locate the Lennox furnace filter compartment, changing your filter is easy! Simply slide out the used filter and dispose of it. Insert your new Lennox furnace filter according to the directional arrows printed along the frame which indicate airflow. Replace the access compartment panel if applicable.

More Information About Lennox Furnace Filters

HVAC.com provides additional information for an extensive selection of Lennox furnace filters. There are thousands of OEM Lennox products appropriate for use with your Lennox furnace, air handler, or heat pump systems. When you browse for products on HVAC.com, you will find all the information needed to help you choose the right equipment for your home.

Questions about finding the right Lennox furnace filter for your system? Our heating and cooling experts are on-hand to assist you. Looking for a pro to install a new filter? Check out our Contractor Directory to locate heating and air conditioning professionals serving your area.

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