Lennox X0445 Furnace Filter Overview

Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 Furnace Filter Overview

This filter is the pleated air filter replacement for the PMAC-20C air filter cabinet and measures 17” X 28” X 6”. The Lennox X0445 filter has a MERV 10 rating, which means that it filters out 85% of particles down to 3 microns. It Filters Out: This includes – pollen, dust mites, mold spores, some bacteria, dust, and more.
This filter should be replaced every 9-12 months depending on the air quality in your home.

Benefits of the Lennox X0445 Furnace Filter

The Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 furnace filter offers excellent removal of indoor air pollutants to benefit your comfort and health. This MERV 10 filter captures common allergens and some harmful bacteria to keep indoor air cleaner and reduce symptoms brought on by exposure to such contaminants. While keeping air cleaner, your Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 furnace filter protects your HVAC equipment and helps your system operate efficiently throughout the year.

Changing Your Lennox X0445 Furnace Filter

The Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 furnace filter is an expandable filter that needs to be replaced every nine to twelve months. Changing your filter is an easy job that will take you less than five minutes, or have your heating and cooling technician do the filter change during your annual maintenance tune-ups.

To change the Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 furnace filter:

  1. Locate your air filter cabinet, which in most cases is installed between the return air duct and your air handler or furnace.
  2. Remove the panel for access to the filter compartment.
  3. Pull out your old Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 filter, remove it from the end caps and dispose of the used filter.
  4. Remove the wrapping from your new Lennox Healthy Climate X0445 furnace filter, insert it into the end caps.
  5. Insert the new filter into the filter compartment, following the direction of airflow indicated by the arrows printed on the filter’s frame.
  6. Replace the panel covering the filter compartment.

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