How to Replace Your Lysol Unscented Furnace Filter

Your Lysol unscented furnace filter should be replaced every three to four months to keep your HVAC systems operating properly, improve HVAC system energy efficiency, and boost indoor air quality. To replace your furnace filter, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the furnace filter cabinet or slot on your furnace or air handler. For most systems, this is located where the return air duct and furnace or air handler meet.
  2. Remove the access door to the filter cabinet.
  3. Pull out the existing filter and dispose of it.
  4. Remove the packaging from your new Lysol unscented furnace filter.
  5. Insert the new filter into the furnace filter cabinet, according to the arrows indicating airflow direction that are printed on the frame of the filter.
  6. Replace the filter cabinet access door.

Once your new filter is in place, you’re good to go! While these filters typically need changed every three to four months, it’s wise to check them each month to ensure they have not become filled with contaminants sooner than expected – this can happen during the summer or winter when your HVAC systems are running more frequently, or if you have higher contaminant levels indoors due to pets, smoking, or other activities.

To check the condition of your furnace filter monthly, follow the replacement steps above. Instead of removing the old filter and throwing it away, simply slide it out and inspect the filter. If the entire surface of the filter is caked with brown or grey particles, go ahead and replace it; if your filter is still in good shape, simply slide it back in the cabinet and replace the access door. If you find your Lysol unscented furnace filter is becoming clogged faster, replace it more frequently. has the answers to your furnace maintenance questions on our blog!