Mobile Home & Tiny Home Furnace Options

Mobile homes and tiny homes have different furnace requirements compared to a conventional home, due to their smaller size and ductwork, or lack of ductwork altogether! If you are living in a mobile home or pursuing the tiny home lifestyle, space is at a premium – you need heating solutions that won’t take up valuable square footage, while still providing the warmth and comfort occupants need to stay cozy and safe throughout the colder months.

Mobile Home Furnaces

Mobile homes have smaller ductwork than a conventional home, so they need specially approved furnaces that can move conditioned air effectively through these smaller ducts. Mobile home furnaces are available for various fuel sources, including electric, natural gas, liquid propane, and oil. Working with a qualified HVAC contractor will ensure the furnace you purchase is appropriate for use in your mobile home and can provide the efficient heating your home needs.

Tiny Home Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems

If your tiny home is equipped with ducts, a mobile home furnace model may be appropriate for your needs. Though in tiny homes, space is limited, so the footprint of ducting and an actual furnace may be out of the question.

In this case, a ductless mini-split heating system may be the perfect choice for your tiny home! Ductless mini-split HVAC systems can offer both heating and cooling, improving the space efficiency for your tiny home – one unit does the job of two systems! Ductless mini-splits are installed with an air handler mounted on the wall or even in the ceiling, saving you valuable space for your other home needs. Depending on the size of your tiny home, more than one air handling unit can be installed to provide individualized comfort for each area.

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems do have an outdoor heat pump unit, so they are not ideal if you will be taking your tiny home on the road. The heat pump is installed outside the home and connected to the air handling units via conduit. If your tiny home is mobile, a portable ceramic heater may be the best solution for warmth, though they need at least 3 feet of clearance for safety.

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