Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Furnace Filter Product Overview

The Trion Air Bear furnace filter offers efficient MERV 8 filtration for homes. Use the Trion Air Bear to effectively remove mold, pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, and other contaminants from your home’s air supply to improve indoor air quality. This filter offers a lengthy service life of six to nine months before a filter change is required!

About the Trion Air Bear

Trion Air Bear filters offer superior air cleaning for residential homes. The Trion Air Bear filter is designed to work with the Trion Air Bear Supreme 2000 Air Cleaner 455602-025. This filter will also fit many Trion filter cabinets which may be installed with the HVAC system, and can be used as a furnace filter in these cabinets. It is a 20x25x5 media filter featuring electrostatically charged synthetic media with a surface-pleat design.

Trion Air Bear whole house media air cleaners remove contaminants from large quantities of indoor air efficiently! These units are installed within your HVAC system’s duct work to operate with your heating and cooling systems to keep indoor air cleaner and reduce indoor air pollution. These powerful air cleaners offer superior performance with extremely quiet operation to minimize noise and disruption in the home.

Why Do I Need Trion Air Bear Filters?

Air pollution isn’t an outside issue only – indoor spaces are often more contaminated than the air you breathe outdoors. This is because we seal homes and building up tight to retain more of the heating and cooling energy your HVAC systems put out. The downside to air sealing for energy efficiency is that common household contaminants do not easily escape the home, because natural ventilation is reduced greatly.

You shouldn’t forego air sealing, as the benefits of doing so are great – air sealing keeps your indoor spaces more comfortable and helps your HVAC systems operate more efficiently. The solution for removing indoor airborne contaminants is a quality, high-efficiency furnace filter.
Trion Air Bear high-efficiency furnace filters and air cleaners are tough on airborne pollutants, removing the particles that diminish indoor air quality inside your home or business. With a Trion Air Bear furnace filter in place, breathe easy with cleaner air inside!

Benefits of the Trion Air Bear Filter

Trion Air Bear air cleaner and furnace filters offer advanced air filtration unmatched by other filters. This filter features a high dirt collecting capacity, which is five to ten times more efficient than the standard 1-inch disposable air filters found in many homes. The Trion Air Bear filter keeps harmful airborne particulates out of your home to create cleaner, healthier indoor air your family will benefit from.

The Trion Air Bear furnace filter efficiently removes contaminants such as:

  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Odors

How Often Should I Change My Trion Air Bear Filter?

The Trion Air Bear furnace filter offers a service life of six to nine months. Service life will vary based on the quality of indoor air in your home and the contaminants present. It is smart practice to check your filter monthly and change as you find it necessary – when the filter’s surface is grey and caked with contaminants, it is time to change it, even if you have not reached the six-month mark. During periods of heavy system usage, such as during the summer or winter, you may find your Trion Air Bear filter requires replacement more frequently.

Why Change My Trion Air Bear Filter?

Trion Air Bear filters are not meant to last forever – they must be changed on a regular basis to continue functioning properly. If your filter is not changed regularly, contaminants will not be effectively removed from your home’s air supply – poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of comfort and health issues for a home’s occupants.

The Trion Air Bear furnace filter works to remove airborne contaminants by trapping them within the filter’s media. This process removes pollutants from the air, allowing cleaner air to pass through and circulate into the home. If the filter is clogged with contaminants, its power to remove pollution is negated. A clogged filter will no longer be effective in filtering out harmful contaminants, so you’ll experience higher pollutant levels in the home.

Protect your family and indoor air quality by changing your Trion Air Bear filter every six to nine months, or more frequently if necessary.

Expert Help For Trion Air Bear Filters

Is a Trion Air Bear media air cleaner or furnace filter the right solution for tackling your indoor air quality issues? With so many products on the market, it’s easy to get confused when trying to determine the best solutions that meet your needs and work effectively with your heating and cooling equipment. is here to help! Chat with our experts to learn more about the Trion Air Bear filters we offer. Use our Contractor Directory to find trustworthy, licensed HVAC contractors in your area who can provide expert solutions for your home. A reliable HVAC contractor can assess your indoor air quality to help you determine if the Trion Air Bear filter is the right solution for battling indoor contamination.

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