A heat pump is your go-to HVAC option when you live in milder climates. They are designed to be a cost-effective option that has the dual purpose of both heater and air conditioner depending on the time of year. 

A new heat pump can demand quite an investment, so it’s important to find a brand that will deliver stellar performance without breaking the bank. 

This is where Ameristar shines. It is an economy line created by Ingersoll Rand, specifically designed to be a budget-friendly option for homeowners.

Types of Ameristar heat pump

Ameristar offers three models for its heat pumps: M4HP3, M4HP4, and M4HP6. 

While some companies limit the sizes to certain models, Ameristar offers greater options with several sizes available for every model. All models are available in seven different sizes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 tons. This determines the model number for each of the three series.

M4HP3 Heat Pump Series

  • M4HP3018A1000AA (1.5 tons)
  • M4HP3024A1000AA (2.0 tons)
  • M4HP3030A1000AA (2.5 tons)
  • M4HP3036A1000AA (3.0 tons)
  • M4HP3042A1000AA (3.5 tons)
  • M4HP3048A1000AA (4.0 tons)
  • M4HP3060A1000AA (5.0 tons)

M4HP4 Heat Pump Series

  • M4HP4018C1000AA (1.5 tons)
  • M4HP4024C1000AA (2.0 tons)
  • M4HP4030B1000AA (2.5 tons)
  • M4HP4036B1000AA (3.0 tons)
  • M4HP4042B1000AA (3.5 tons)
  • M4HP4048B1000AA (4.0 tons)
  • M4HP4060B1000AA (5.0 tons)

M4HP6 Heat Pump Series

  • M4HP6018B1000AA (1.5 tons)
  • M4HP6024B1000AA (2.0 tons)
  • M4HP6030B1000AA (2.5 tons)
  • M4HP6036B1000AA (3.0 tons)
  • M4HP6042B1000AA (3.5 tons)
  • M4HP6048B1000AA (4.0 tons)
  • M4HP6060B1000AA (5.0 tons)

These machines use many of the same components as Ameristar’s sister companies, Trane and American Standard. However, a smaller design and shorter warranties translate to big savings.

Ameristar heat pump models

Ameristar offers single-stage models, which are known more for their affordability than their large heating capacities. Single-stage models only have one level for heating/cooling output (as opposed to two-stage models which have both high and low options).

All units offer 24V low-voltage control and are made of painted galvanized steel, so there are no worries about rust. This is an all-weather machine that can survive outdoors and boasts a small, compact design.

This what you can expect from each of the Ameristar heat pump series:

SeriesSizeSEER RatingHSPF* Energy EfficiencySound RatingVoltage Control
M4HP31.5 – 5 tons13 SEER7.70 – 8.2074-76 decibels24V
M4HP41.5 – 5 tons14 SEER8.20 – 8.5074-76 decibels24V
M4HP61.5 – 5 tons16 SEER8.20 – 8.5076 decibels24V

*Heating Seasonal Performance Rating

The size of your home dictates the size of the unit you need. For example, an 800 square foot home only needs a 1.5-ton unit, while a 3,000 square foot home would best benefit from a 5-ton unit. Newer homes also tend to be more energy-efficient with upgraded windows, insulation, and siding. 

With Ameristar’s heat pumps, you have limited SEER availability, with 13, 14, and 16 SEER only. The 16 SEER is only recommended for those living in warmer climates and all three pumps are loud at an average of 76 decibels.

Ameristar heat pump pricing

Ameristar heat pumps are sold through a third-party distributor, so the price can vary depending on where you live and who you purchase from. 

In January 2020, Amazon offers a 4-ton 14 SEER Heat Pump for $2,159.99 with optional expert installation for $150.00 per unit. The same product by National Air Warehouse is sold for $1,793.13 without installation. New AC Depot shows some Ameristar products on sale, featuring an Ameristar 1.5 ton 14 SEER heat pump discounted to $1,161.00 from its original price of $1,728.00.

However, the cost of installation can easily add $1,000 or more to your total bill. The installation cost for a basic heat pump ranges from $1,300 to $2,100.

There are additional costs you may incur, as well, which can include:

  • New or repaired ductwork, which can cost up to $5,000.
  • A condensing unit pad to raise your outdoor unit off the ground for $30-$150
  • Refrigerant lineset for up to $500
  • Air handler which can cost anywhere from $500 – $3,500

Thermostats are an additional cost and are available with programmable and Wi-Fi options; this can add anywhere from $25 to $500 depending on the options you choose.

Ameristar heat pump warranties

To keep things affordable, Ameristar units are offered with a shorter warranty than many of its competitors with just a 5-year base limited warranty for all units. 

But make sure you register your warranty in time: to qualify for the 10-year registered limited parts warranty, you must register the unit within sixty days of purchase, or you forego the extra coverage.

Ameristar heat pump reviews

An essential part of the buying process is gathering customer reviews. There is no better feedback about a purchase than people who have already bought a product and put it to use, so take the time to read through product reviews before deciding which heat pump is best for you.

At, we specialize in a well-rounded buying experience so you can make the purchase that is right for you and your family. That includes real user reviews, which you can use to explore available heat pumps from a consumer standpoint.

Frequently asked questions

It’s normal to have questions when making such a large investment. Here are the answers to your most important questions.

How much does an Ameristar heat pump cost?

The cost of an Ameristar heat pump depends on which unit you choose. The smaller the unit, the cheaper it will be, while larger units of 3 tons can easily top $2,500. Where you purchase your unit can also determine the cost, with some distributors featuring special sales that can drastically reduce the cost. An important consideration is whether installation is included in the price, which can cost $1,500 or more depending on the state of your home and the unit you buy.

Where can I buy an Ameristar heat pump?

When purchasing a new Ameristar heat pump, you have the option to buy local from a licensed HVAC contractor or company. There are also big chains that ship nationwide, but many of these big-box companies use local contractors to handle installation. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to cut the middle man and work with a local provider, saving yourself the extra fees and likely earning an earlier installation date.

How long will an Ameristar heat pump last?

Ameristar is one of the best known brands for a cheap and reliable heat pump. It uses the best of Ingersoll Rand technology, benefiting from the same manufacturing standards as its more advanced brands like Trane and American Standard.