Comfortmaker is a subsidiary of International Comfort Products (ICP), a Tennessee-based company specializing in central air conditioning products. Comfortmaker has been a trusted brand in the US for over six decades.

ICP produces over one million units each year and sells them worldwide. The corporation and its subsidiaries benefit from substantial economies of scale, which translate to both competitive prices and rigorous quality assurance practices.

Types of Comfortmaker heat pumps

Consumers frequently misunderstand how heat pumps operate. As such, let’s begin with a quick overview of how these appliances work and the broad design differences you’ll find among them.

Heat pumps don’t merely heat the air. Nor do they operate like a conventional air conditioner, heating and cooling air before pumping it into an enclosed space. Heat pumps efficiently transfer air, moving warm air to a cool environment and cool air to a warm environment.

Moving air in this manner is vastly more efficient than the conventional air conditioner process. Furthermore, heat pumps tend to operate more quietly, cost less to run and generate a lighter eco-footprint than conventional air-conditioning units. You can learn more about heat pumps through the Department of Energy website.

Comfortmaker manufactures some of the best heat pumps on the market. The company sells three varieties of heat pumps, each with unique attributes.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps efficiently transfer heat to or from the ground. These pumps take advantage of consistent ground temperatures by introducing a temperature moderating effect within your home. In other words, instead of paying to condition air to your desired temperature, you’re taking advantage of the natural thermal properties of the ground beneath your home.

Split heat pumps

Some Comfortmaker heat pumps are hybrid systems. These units are capable of using geothermal energy. However, they can also switch to the more straightforward process of exchanging external and internal air. You can also hook them up to a gas or propane furnace, equipping your heat pump system with three temperature control methods for maximum energy efficiency.

Air source heat pumps

Probably the most common model, Comfortmaker air source heat pumps excel at efficiently transferring heat between your home’s interior environment and the outside air. Comfortmaker offers a wide variety of versatile, efficient and durable heat pumps.

All heat pumps are measured through a standardized metric known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). SEER analyzes the cooling output of an appliance during a typical cooling season and divides that by the total energy input the appliance required during the same period. This metric provides an accurate benchmark for comparing energy efficiency across appliances.

Comfortmaker heat pump models

SoftSound variable-speed geothermal heat pump HP

The SoftSound geothermal Comfortmaker heat pump offers extremely quiet operation, making it ideal for home environments.

This model is one of the most energy-efficient heat pumps worldwide. It has a SEER of up to 30 for an open-loop system (requiring an existing body of groundwater). It offers a SEER rating of up to 24.5 for a closed-loop system (a system utilizing a closed underground network). You can learn more about open and closed-loop geothermal systems through the Department of Energy website.

Performance multi-speed geothermal heat pump HB

This Comfortmaker heat pump model is similar to the SoftSound model but prioritizes comfort over noise level. This model can heat or cool your home quickly, and its variable speed operation makes it ideal for installation alongside smart climate control technology.

This model achieves a SEER rating of up to 28.1 for an open-loop system and up to 21.7 for a closed-loop system.

SoftSound split system geothermal heat pump HS

Possibly the most versatile of Comfortmaker’s premium geothermal heat pumps, this model offers all the benefits of a geothermal heat pump system in addition to air-to-air heating and cooling methods.

The HS Model achieves a SEER of 29.1 for an open-loop system and 28.8 for a closed-loop system, nearly matching the SoftSound variable-speed geothermal heat pump.

SoftSound Deluxe 18 with SmartSense CVH8

This air-to-air model is Comfortmaker’s premium air transfer heat pump. Operating at the same sound level as a typical dishwasher, this appliance can manage temperatures to within a half-degree Fahrenheit range. Moreover, variable-speed operation and SmartSense technology allow this appliance to carefully manage energy expenditure, significantly lowering your energy bill over time.

This Energy Star-rated heat pump achieves a SEER rating of up to 19.

SoftSound 14 heat pump CSH 4

Comfortmaker manufactured this economy model around similar specifications to the Deluxe 18, but with cost-efficient fan strength and air transfer properties. This model runs slightly louder than the Deluxe 18. It has a SEER rating of 14.

Performance 16 heat pump N4H6

The N4H6 is Comfortmaker’s economy two-stage heat pump. Two-stage technology allows this heat pump to respond rapidly to temperature changes, delivering optimal comfort alongside energy efficiency. This model provides a SEER energy efficiency rating of 17.5.

Performance 14 compact heat pump NH4H4

The Performance 14 is built to occupy a small horizontal profile, making it an excellent option for installation in tight areas. It has a SEER rating of 14.

Comfortmaker heat pump pricing

Heat pump prices vary based on your home’s construction and location. Talk to an HVAC professional for detailed estimates based on your unique circumstances.

Another pricing factor to discuss with your local HVAC representative is the offset on your energy bill. All of Comfortmaker’s heat pump models produce energy efficiency gains. However, the most efficient models — particularly those in Comfortmaker’s geothermal line — allow you to recoup your investment in five to 10 years.

Comfortmaker heat pump warranties

Comfortmaker Deluxe heat pumps come with a 10-year no-hassle replacement limited warranty. Mid-tier Comfortmaker heat pumps come with a five-year no-hassle replacement limited warranty. Economy-level pumps come with a standard one to three-year warranty.

Comfortmaker heat pump reviews

As part of your product research, we highly recommend you take a look at the detailed and informative reviews you’ll find on

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Comfortmaker heat pump cost?

Costs vary by model and based on home specifications. Comfortmaker offers a range of models, including deluxe models and several high-quality economy heat pumps. Speak with an HVAC expert to identify the model that best fits your home and budget.

Where can I buy a Comfortmaker heat pump?

You can search for HVAC specialists in your area through the HVAC website. Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter your name and ZIP code. 

How long will a Comfortmaker heat pump last?

In optimal conditions, you can expert a Comfortmaker heat pump to last up to a decade. With regular maintenance and proper care, you can further extend your heat pump’s operational life by several years.