5 Major Myths About HVAC Services Updated on | by:

There are a lot of opinions regarding HVAC services and systems out there. It’s hard to keep track of what’s the truth and what is a myth. In this article, we’ll dive… Read More

The Most Common Heat Pump Problems & How to Avoid Them Updated on | by:

Like all appliances, your heat pump may sometimes have trouble working correctly. Maybe it won’t turn on, or it no longer heats up appropriately. Alternatively, maybe your heat pump doesn’t cool down… Read More

See Which States Have The Highest Heating/AC Bills Updated on | by:

Winter usually brings higher energy bills, but some states suffer more than others. Certain states face a perfect storm of conditions that makes their power bills particularly hefty. Check out this infographic… Read More

Furnace Replacement Warning Signs Updated on | by:

It’s getting cold, so that means it’s time to make sure your furnace is up to the task of keeping you warm this winter. As with most things in life, however, your… Read More

Heat Pump Installation & Costs Updated on | by:

When it comes to heating, homeowners have many options. Some are better suited for cold climates than others, and it can be tricky determining the best one for your home. If you’re… Read More

What Is a Wireless Thermostat? Updated on | by:

The thermostat in your home lets you control the temperature by regulating your air conditioner or heater. Generally, these thermostats are wired directly to your HVAC system. A wireless thermostat,  however, allows… Read More

HVAC Installation Costs Updated on | by:

A new furnace, air conditioner or heat pump can directly improve your quality of life. It may seem like a significant investment, but it will eventually save you money on your energy… Read More

How Much Does New Furnace Replacement Cost? Updated on | by:

National data shows the average replacement cost of a furnace ranges from $1,795 to $6,290, with most homeowners paying about $3,817. Prices will vary based on city, cost of living, brand, efficiency,… Read More

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which One is Right for You? Updated on | by:

When it comes to heating, most homes have a choice between a heat pump or a furnace. Although they both accomplish the same goal of heating your home, they do so in… Read More

Heat Pump Reviews: 10 Things to Look for Before You Buy Updated on | by:

Heat pumps are a low-cost, energy-efficient alternative to heat and cool homes in moderate climates. Homeowners looking into purchasing a heat pump should look at the reviews before they buy. But not… Read More

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