Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Portable Humidifier – Product Overview

The Crane Drop Shaped Cool Mist Portable Humidifiers are stylish, kid-friendly units that relieve winter-time symptoms such as, colds, coughs, dry throats, dry eyes, dry skin, runny noses and more! The Crane Drop comes in multiple color options, White (Crane EE-5301W), Orange (Crane EE-5301O), Pink (Crane EE-5301P), Green (Crane EE-5301G) and our most popular, theBlue & White Combo (Crane EE-5301). The drop humidifiers are great for small spaces like offices, bedrooms, dens, and any other room up to 250 square feet. The portable humidifier features a 1 gallon tank that can run up to 11 full hours! It is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature and has a removable water tank for easy fill-ups! The cool mist functionality makes it kid safe, and it’sFDA registered to ensure your whole family’s safety!