Essick Air 1041 Humidifier Wick Replacement – Product Overview

The Essick Air 1041 Humidifier Wick is a filter device in portable humidifiers that capture sediments from the water to prevent them from being dispersed back through your home. This will prevent the “White Dust” you may have heard about. The Essick Air 1041 Wick is also coated with an antimicrobial solution that helps protect it from bacteria and mold growth during its extensive exposure to water, keeping your family’s air clean and safe to breathe! After one full season of humidification, the Essick Air 1041 wick will need to be replaced. After a couple months, the antimicrobial protection starts to wear off and the wick is typically filled to the max with sediment. If you have hard water, you may have to change your filter more frequently, as your wick will be working extra hard to remove all the sediment!

This Essick Air 1041 is a replacement wick for the following models: Essick Air and Bemis series: 426-300, 426-700, 427-300, 436-300, 447-301, 447-400HB, 447-401, 496-600, 496-800, 497-300, 497-800, 4D6-800, 4D7-800, 4D7-300, 4DTS-300, 4DTS-900, 696-100, 696-400, 696-400HB, 697-400, 697-500, 697-500HB, ED11-600, ED11-800, ED11-910, 4161, 4261, 4262, 4266, 4273, 4362, 4363, 4371, 4962, 4963, 4968, 4971, 4973, 6964, 6974 and all 400, 600 and ED11 Series Console Humidifiers (7V1041SS).

Essick Air makes this wick in the USA!