Essick Air HDC12 Humidifier Wick Replacement

Essick Air produces quality room humidifiers that deliver needed moisture in your living spaces. The humidifier wick is an important component that works to keep your air quality healthy and your home more comfortable. This component isn’t permanent, and requires regular changing to eliminate performance and air quality issues.

Essick Air HDC12 Wick Replacement

The Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick can be easily changed by users to prevent system issues.

What Is a Humidifier Wick?

The Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick serves as a filter inside your Essick Air humidifier. The wick captures sediments within the water the system uses so these contaminants are not passed into your home through the humidity produced. The humidifier wick combats the white dust commonly associated with humidifier use, which is sediments from the water used to produce moisture.

Why Does My Essick Air HDC12 Humidifier Wick Need Replacing?

The Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick is a replaceable component – it is not meant to be a permanent one. Over time, the wick becomes packed with sediments extracted from water. When it is filled with sediment, it can no longer work as effectively to remove additional sediment. If you do not change your Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick, you may notice white dust with use.

If you operate your Essick Air humidifier with an unchanged wick, you can do damage to your unit. It is harder for the humidifier to produce the correct levels of moisture with higher sediment levels. Sediment buildup in the wick stresses the unit, causing it to wear out faster than with regular changing.

How Often Should I Replace My Essick Air HDC12 Humidifier Wick?

In most units, the Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick should be replaced about once per humidification season. The component needs changing because over time and with use, its antimicrobial protection will begin to wear down, leaving the unit vulnerable to mold and mildew growth.

When using hard water, you may find it necessary to change the Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick more frequently. This is because when harder water is used in the humidifier, the wick is exposed to more sediment and is filtering out higher levels of contamination than if soft water was used.

Essick Air HDC12 Video shows you exactly what you need to know about the Essick Air HDC12 humidifier wick through our informational video! If you’re a visual learner, watch the video below to learn about how the humidifier wick works, how often it should be changed, and how to use it within your Essick Air or other branded humidifier.