Goodman Heat Pump Installation Manuals

Goodman heating equipment is known for being reliable, high quality and affordable. These heat pumps offer an alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, transferring heat between the outdoors and your home’s interiors to heat and cool.

For heating, a Goodman heat pump warms your home by taking the heat from outside and transferring it inside. Even though the air outdoors may seem chilly, there is actually abundant heat available; your heat pump uses this natural energy to heat your home, and consumes little electricity in the process.

To cool a home, a heat pump acts in reverse. It extracts the excess heat from indoors which makes your interiors uncomfortable, and expels it outdoors to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. Many homeowners choose heat pump systems for their dual heating and cooling capabilities, along with the energy savings they generate by their efficiency and natural energy use.

Goodman heat pump features

Goodman has a long-standing reputation in the heating and air conditioning industry for producing high performing systems. Goodman offers heat pump models with up to 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 9.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)! With features such as ComfortNet™ communications system compatibility, two-stage compressors, and built-in diagnostic alerts, Goodman heat pumps are an exceptional choice for residential heating and cooling throughout the year.

Goodman heat pump installation manuals

Whenever you purchase new heating and cooling equipment, always keep the documents, installation guides, and owner’s manuals which are included. This information can assist you in troubleshooting your Goodman heat pump, filing for equipment warranties, and more.

If you have misplaced the installation manual for your Goodman heat pump, has you covered! Here you can find guides for your specific heat pump model, available online.

For specific instructions on installing your Goodman heat pump, please download one of the following manuals:

GOODMAN Heat Pumps – DSZC16 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Heat Pumps -DSZC18 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Heat Pumps -GSH13 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Heat Pumps -GSZ13 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Heat Pumps -SSZ14 Installation Manual
GOODMAN Heat Pumps -SSZ16 Installation Manual