Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers lower indoor temperatures through the evaporative cooling process. When installed in the appropriate hot and dry climate, such as that found in the Southwest United States, evaporative coolers offer homeowners several benefits and advantages over traditional cooling systems, which contribute to improved comfort and lower operational costs. Read on to see what evaporative coolers have to offer.
Lower Price Tag
Evaporative cooling equipment costs much less than central air conditioning systems. The essickairn28wcost of window evaporative coolers ranges from $330.00 to $725.00. The price tag for a new portable evaporative cooler is between $259.00 and $565.00. Alternatively, air conditioners and heat pumps can cost in the thousands. Installation of evaporative coolers is much less than traditional cooling systems.
Lower Operating Costs
Evaporative coolers consume about 75% less energy than a comparable standard air conditioner. These coolers utilize simpler technology which requires less energy use. If evaporative coolers are ideal for use in your home’s climate, their lowered energy use can help you save significantly on your summer cooling costs.
Environmentally Friendly
No ozone-depleting chemicals are used to provide cooling power in evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers do not rely on chlorofluorocarbons (known as CFCs) like some air conditioning systems do. Evaporative coolers also emit lower levels of carbon dioxide compared to traditional air conditioning systems.
Improved Indoor Air Quality
When using an evaporative cooler, moisture is added into the air which helps to maintain appropriate humidity levels, protecting your health and property. The moist pads which assist in the evaporative cooling process also offer effective filtering, removing contaminants from your indoor air.
Added Ventilation
With an evaporative cooler, there’s no need to keep windows and doors shut tight, unlike with a central air conditioner that recirculates cooled air. Evaporative coolers draw outside air, which is cooled and distributed throughout the home, and open windows actually help the system work effectively while also improving the home’s ventilation. When the cooler is in use, fresh air is constantly flowing and stale air is pushed out.