Creative Ways to Hide Your Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems have interior components installed in the room they cool. The interior component houses the fan and evaporator coil, essential for cooling air and distributing it throughout the room. While these interior units are discrete in that they operate quietly, they don’t always look discrete.

Ductless mini split systems cannot be completely covered as they require clearance on all sides for effective air circulation. Using interior design and installation tricks, the appearance of the interior mini split component can be minimized or camouflaged. Also, the interior component choice will affect the unit’s visibility.

Installing Ceiling Cassettes

Choosing a ceiling cassette instead of a wall unit will appear more discrete. The cassette housing the fan coil sits recessed in the ceiling, with an exposed grille. Homeowners may prefer this option if appropriate for their application rather than a protruding wall unit.

Camouflaging Wall Units

  • Wall unit components of ductless systems can be incorporated with shelving and cabinetry to blend into the room discretely. Incorporate the wall unit in an appropriately-sized open cabinet of an entertainment center or multi-compartment shelving unit, or install a floating shelve arrangement which includes it.
  • With the appropriate clearance, interior wall units can be installed in a recessed wall. With this approach, the unit will appear flush with the wall, which can make it appear less obvious.
  • Painting the wall the same color as the wall unit will minimize its appearance. While it still protrudes from the wall, the equipment doesn’t stand out as much as it would on a background of another color.
  • Installing the interior mini split wall unit close to the ceiling will remove it from your eye line, minimizing its appearance. Maintaining the appropriate clearance is necessary in this location.
  • Mini split units can be concealed with decorative grating, which will provide cover while facilitating proper air flow around the unit.