How Exact Does the Air Conditioner Size Need to be?

3Determining the right size air conditioner is one of the most essential decisions when it comes to purchasing a new AC system. The selected unit needs to be able to cool your entire home in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Installing the right sized unit is the first step to accomplishing this goal.

If you under-estimate the size you need and purchase a central unit that is too small, the AC unit will run continuously and may never reach the requested temperature. This leaves your home in a less than desirable temperature condition and causes an unappealing increase in your monthly electricity charges.

If you go the other extreme and buy a system that is too large for your home it will have a couple more adverse effects. On a positive note, it will cool your home very quickly, but the issue is, it cools it a little too quickly. With an expedited cooling process, it will cause the unit to be perpetually cycling on and off. This has two unfortunate side effects; one being, if your system is habitually shutting on and off it uses more energy to start up than it would to run continuously over a span of time. This most definitely will lead to an increased electricity bill. Secondly, if the house cools too rapidly, it doesn’t give the system enough time to let the air in your home completely cycle through and, as a result, is unable to remove excess humidity. So, although you have cool air in your home, it is still humid, causing an uncomfortable, muggy atmosphere. If you ask us, a less than satisfactory temperature environment and a high electricity bill sounds like an awful combination, no matter how you spin it.

Helpful Tip
: There a couple observations you may want to take in consideration when deciding what size you need to buy – size of your home, number of stories in your home, insulation quality, number and quality of the windows, amount of direct sunlight, amount of shade on your home, and the local weather. All of these factors can have a tremendous effect on the size of your unit. (These are things your contractor will help you measure.)

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