Where Can A Mini Split Be Installed?

MITSUBISHIMUY-GE15NA-1 (1)Mini split air conditioning systems are very versatile. These systems can be used to provide cooling for applications where installing central air may be impractical or cost-prohibitive. Use mini split air conditioners in the following applications to keep indoor spaces cool and comfortable.
Homes without Ductwork
Mini split air conditioning systems are also known as “ductless” systems, as they do not require a duct system for air distribution like forced air systems do. Therefore, a mini split is a practical option for cooling in homes that do not have existing ductwork, such as older homes which don’t have forced air heating or cooling. Installing a mini split system instead of a forced air system will save the homeowner the expense of also having a duct system installed.
Area Conversions
Many homeowners create the space they need out of the spaces they already have, such as converting unfinished basements, attics, and garages into additional living space. In most cases, these areas aren’t tied in to the home’s existing duct system. Expanding the duct system to reach these areas may be impractical or even impossible. Installing mini split air conditioning will provide the converted space the cooling it needs.
Room Additions
When adding square footage to a home through a room addition, the home’s existing air conditioner may not have the capacity to adequately cool the additional space. Instead of upgrading to a larger central unit, it may be more economical for a homeowner to install a separate mini split air conditioner to cool the room addition.
Homes Requiring Supplemental Cooling
Undersized central air conditioning systems create many comfort issues for homeowners; an undersized system cannot produce the appropriate amount of cooling necessary to keep all areas of the home comfortable. Mini splits can be installed where needed to supplement the central system if upgrading is not an option.
Whole Homes
In new homes, ductless mini splits can be incorporated into the architectural design to provide the homeowner with a number of benefits. Installation costs are lowered as there are fewer components of the system. The energy efficiency of mini split systems is also highly desirable.