What Does a High Efficiency Furnace Filter Catch?

Of the common allergens, air pollutants, and other harmful air particles caught by high efficiency 5” air filters, dust, pollen, mold spores, and smoke top the list. Each of these air pollutants are irritants to the respiratory system and can cause an increased likelihood of asthma attacks or worsened allergy symptoms. A thicker air filter, like a 5” air filter removes more particles, including bacteria and viruses, from the air supply, providing better air quality.
High efficiency air filters are usually inserted in an air cleaner that has been additionally installed on the home’s air handler. They remove many of the allergens and contaminants that lesser air filters let pass through. They can also remove mold spores that can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms and potentially cause illness. Air quality is a serious issue, not only for those who are among the millions suffering from weakened immune systems, asthma or other respiratory issues, but for those who prefer to maintain a healthy way of life. Even the common allergen, pollen, will be filtered out of the air supply with a high quality 5” thick air filter reducing seasonal allergy symptoms for millions. These high efficiency filters remove harmful particles from the air to ensure a higher standard of air quality in your home.