How Do I Change My Furnace Filter?

Changing your furnace filter is very easy, just a few quick steps and the task is complete! The job is as simple as sliding the old filter out and inserting the clean, new filter in it’s place.
TRION255649-105Step 1:Turn Off Your Furnace or Air Handler. When you remove the air filter a lot of dust and debris can be dislodged, so you don’t want your system running mid change and sucking up all of the dust your filter has previously trapped.
Step 2:Locate the filter air box. Commonly, the furnace’s filter will be directly next to the furnace motor. Look for a small wide hinged door, or a open slit that a 1″ filter could slide into. Open the filter panel door and pull out the old, dirty filter.
Step 3:Insert the new filter into the filter box. On the new filter, look for the arrows printed along side the filter’s frame; these arrows show the direction of airflow, giving you a cheat sheet of which direction the filter should be inserted into the cabinet or filter box. The arrows should always point towards the furnace. (look at the image to the right)